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Unmanaged HVAC Units Can Cost You!


Efficiently maintaining your home's air flow and temperature are some of the vital jobs of your HVAC System. However, if you're not keeping up with your HVAC systems' regular inspections and maintenance, you could be costing yourself extra money on your electric bill, costly repairs, and medical costs associated with respiratory issues. Not only does regular maintenance protect you against higher costs now, but it also extends the life of your unit.

Is Your HVAC System Causing Your Utility Bill to Go Up?

“paymore”Unmanaged HVAC systems tend to lose efficiency as they become dirty, or their electrical connections loosen. When this happens, your unit has to work harder and use more energy, to cool your home.

Because your AC unit or home heater are using more power to do the same job, you get stuck with a substantially higher utility bill. If your HVAC systems are left unmanaged for long enough, it will no longer be able to cool or heat your home at all.

To lower your monthly energy bill, make sure to have your AC unit and heater inspected and tuned-up every 6 to 12 months. Something as simple as having your systems' coils cleaned- an essential step in the maintenance tune-up process- can lower your utility bill by as much as 30%!

Are Your HVAC Systems Adding to Your Dust Problems?

“dustproblems”Another common issue with unmanaged HVAC systems is that they cause a lot of dust problems in your home. Because most AC systems today recycle the air from inside your house, it is essential that you maintain clean filters in your AC unit and heater.

If your filters are not changed about every 3 months, they may become clogged, allowing dust and other particles to flow through your ducts and back into your home. To reduce dust, it's also important to keep your ducts and vents clean.

If you haven't had your duct system professionally cleaned in more than 3 years, or if there is dust visible on or around your vents, it's definitely time for a cleaning. Inhaling dust can irritate health issues like asthma and allergies, as well as other respiratory problems. While your vents can be cleaned by just wiping them down with a wet rag, cleaning of your ductwork should be handled by a professional.

Can a Maintenance Program Help You Manage Your HVAC Systems?

“maintenanceprogram”Most HVAC companies today offer some sort of maintenance membership program to help you keep your AC and heating systems running at peak efficiency.

These plans usually provide a host of benefits for a low annual cost. While different companies include different benefits under their maintenance plans, most include semi-annual inspections and tune-ups for your home's HVAC systems.

Your HVAC company may also include free diagnostic calls, discounts on other services, priority scheduling, and more! With a maintenance plan membership, you also get the peace of mind of knowing that your HVAC systems are always in the capable hands of a company you trust!