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Signs You Have Air Duct Mold


No one wants to have mold in their homes because of how damaging it is to air quality. While no mold is good mold, it is especially problematic if it is growing inside of your air ducts. Mold likes to grow in areas that are moist and where there is the right kind of materials to help it thrive. That’s why you will often see mold in basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, kitchens and yes- in air ducts.

The problem is that when it is located inside the air ducts, the spores are free to move throughout your home. This means that there is a higher risk of mold spreading and growing elsewhere in your home; also, the physical symptoms associated with inhaling mold can be made worse when it is throughout your home.
How do you know if you have mold brewing in your air ducts? Here are some signs to help you find out.

1 - Musty Smell Everywhere in Your Home

“strongsmell”Mold has a distinctive, strong smell. If you have mold growing in an isolated spot (say under your kitchen sink) you’d just be able to smell the odor within that room or right in the vicinity.

However, because air ducts extend to all corners of your home, the air that passes over the mold carries the odor along with it.
If you can smell that musty mildew everywhere in your home, that is probably because you’ve got mold in your air ducts.

2 - Frequent Health Problems With Your Family

“healthissues”Does it seem like you’ve had more colds than usual this year? How about worsening allergy symptoms? Guess what? Those aren’t colds or allergies.

There is a good chance that poor air quality and mold in your air ducts is the culprit.

Be wary if you also experience dizziness, nausea, congestion, respiratory problems or skin rashes. These could all be tied to mold in your air ducts.

3 - Take a Look

“visiblemold”One of the most trusted ways to determine if you have mold in your air ducts is if you can see signs of mold. When it is growing inside your ducts, there will be stains on the exterior.

Furthermore, you may see foam like substances appear. What should you do if you think you have mold? You should call a certified mold technician to come and inspect your home and advise you on how to proceed.

If you are concerned about mold growing in your ducts, a good ongoing maintenance move is to get your ducts cleaned regularly. We can help you with that in order to improve your air quality in Montgomery, AL.