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Climate change

Combat Climate Change This International Day of Peace

Saturday, September 21st marks International Day of Peace. Around the world, people will celebrate by inspiring others to set aside their differences and participate in activities that promote world peace. All around the globe, activists will be encouraging everyone to let go of prior hostilities and issues and work towards a more peaceful union on


air quality

National Wellness Month and Air Quality

During the month of August, we celebrate National Wellness Month. It’s a time to focus on and develop healthy habits to improve overall health, manage stress and prioritize self-care. We hope you’ll take some time this August to focus on your health and to take some time for yourself. One easy way to do this



National Air Conditioning Day - July 17

Did you know that there’s a National Air Conditioning Day? Admittedly, we didn’t know this until recently but are certainly glad to know that there’s such a day. National Air Conditioning Day is July 17, a day dedicated to celebrating this great invention and commemorating Willis Carrier’s 1902 development of the Apparatus for Treating Air.



Proudly Celebrating Memorial Day

We barbecue in the summer sun, and seek refuge in the air-conditioned house. They carry 100+ pounds of gear and keep fighting through all the elements. We do our shopping in malls and grocery stores that are heated and cooled for our convenience. Our ancestors that fought the good fight did so barefoot and knee-deep