Montgomery Dehumidifier Services

Professional dehumidifier installation and repair in Montgomery.

For homeowners, there’s not much worse than experiencing uncomfortable, musty, and humid air within your home. Moisture-heavy air can drain your energy and productivity. However, this problem can be solved with fast and effective dehumidifier installation and repair services.

Since 1993, Chad’s AC Direct has offered a wide-variety of AC solutions for homeowners and business owners in Montgomery, AL. With highly-qualified AC contractors, we beat out other humidifier companies in expertise and experience.

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Why We Need to Control Humidity Levels Indoors

Although many modern tools and equipment allows us to control the quality, temperature, and moisture levels of the air within our homes, some outdoor causes still influence the quality of air indoors.

The dryness, humidity, and temperature outdoors all have an effect on the quality of air inside. This heavy-feeling air can leave us sleepy and uninspired, and has been known to cause symptoms such as sensitive eyes, dry skin, itchy sensations, and aggravated allergies in some.

Too much moisture indoors makes rooms feel uncomfortable, but can also have more damaging effects like bacteria growth, mold growth and spread, and the flourishing of fungi even indoors.

What Can a Dehumidifier Do For You?

Dehumidifiers work to remove extra moisture from air, easing symptoms that can be felt both by humans and their surrounding areas such as mold, dust, and bacteria growth that may lead to health issues like respiratory illness and disease.

Ideally, the humidity level within a home should be between 35% and 50%.

Why Choose Chad’s AC Direct for Your Dehumidifier Needs?

At Chad’s AC Direct, we’re proud to provide our customers with total indoor comfort, the correct system size, and high-quality workmanship, guaranteed. Thanks to our low marketing costs, low overhead, and no commission rates, we help our customers save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on their new air conditioning or heating purchase.

For over 20 years, our expert HVAC contractors have developed a trusted and quality reputation in our community for being honest, quick, and personable with our customers. Every job we take on is unique and requires personalization so that every job can be completed with the respect and care it deserves.

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