Nitrogen Purging and Brazing

When you're looking to install new HVAC equipment in your home or repair your current system, hiring a licensed professional HVAC company is key to ensuring the work is done properly and will not cause you issues in the future. At Chad's AC Direct, we take all appropriate measures to ensure all work is done safely and carried out to code. 

What is Brazing? 

Brazing is a method used when connecting refrigerant tubing in the process of repairing or installing HVAC equipment. Brazing ensures that the connections do not leak and helps strengthen the joints, making them able to withstand high pressure and temperatures.

What is Nitrogen Purging? 

Nitrogen purging is a task performed during brazing which helps ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly and without issue. Almost every HVAC installation requires flowing dry nitrogen through the copper pipes during brazing to prevent oxidation. 

Why Are These Steps Important? 

The importance of brazing and nitrogen purging when installing new HVAC equipment cannot be overstated. But ensuring the process is done correctly is just as important. That includes making that nitrogen is properly introduced into your HVAC system at the correct flow rates. If brazing and nitrogen purging is not done correctly, the joints could be easily weakened and unable to withstand the pressure and/or heat coming through the copper pipes. 

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