Air Handler Services in Montgomery

Expert air handler services in Montgomery.

It’s crucial that homeowners make sure that their air conditioning system is ready to tackle the summer heat before it arrives. If your AC system is prone to troubles, you might want to consider contacting a professional air handler company to help you decide whether or not you require the installation or repair of your AC unit’s air handler.

Since 1993, Chad’s AC Direct has been providing residents of Montgomery, AL with the expert AC and heating services they deserve. During this time, we’ve developed an amazing reputation for professionalism and expertise in our industry.

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What Is an Air Handler?

Within your AC system, the air handler works to regulate airflow throughout your system. On the outside, this component appears to be a small metal box. Inside, it is filled with filter chambers, sound attenuators, dampers, blowers, and coils for heating and cooling.

The air handler is connected to ductwork around your AC system and circulates cool air through your home. This component is essential for the proper functioning and efficiency of your entire AC system.

How to Know If You Should Replace Your Air Handler

Whether it’s because of a faulty installation or normal wear-and-tear, your AC system’s air handler can start to malfunction and affect its efficiency and performance. These issues can include:

  • Clogged air filters
  • Damaged fan belts
  • Drain line issues
  • Motor burn out
  • Malfunctioning electrical circuits

Commonly, these issues happen because of poor air circulation, mold growth in the AC system, or a complete system shutdown. Regular maintenance and inspections will help to avoid these problems, so be sure to schedule regular appointments with your local and trusted air handler company.

Why Choose to Work With Us?

When customers choose to work with us, they’re choosing to work with expert providers of air handler installations. Our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that our customers will enjoy the correct system size, total comfort, and the high-quality workmanship our customers have come to trust. If not, we’ll redo the job free of charge.

Our priority service calls, 10-year parts labor warranty, and expert installation are just a part of our everyday promise to quality. We operate with low marketing costs, a low overhead, and no commission so that we can help customers save money on their AC and heating investments.

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