Air Conditioning Repairs in Montgomery

Reliable air conditioning repairs in Montgomery.

As a homeowner, you want your space to stay cool and comfortable all summer long. Make sure that your home’s AC unit is ready to function to its full capacity when the time comes that you start to crave a blast of cool air throughout your home.

The professional AC repair company that you can trust in Montgomery, AL is Chad’s AC Direct. We perform a wide range of air conditioning repairs to restore your AC system’s cooling power to keep your AC unit running as smoothly as it should be.

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Why Your Home Needs Air Conditioning Repairs

When your AC system is in need of repair, you’ll start noticing a lack of cool air being distributed throughout your home. The most common issues we find when we’re called for a Montgomery AC repair are:

Evaporator Coil Repairs: Over time, these coils become dirty and can freeze or strain other parts of the AC unit. This creates a malfunction within the system.

Electrical Problems: If any electrical components like wiring or the thermostat stop working, the AC unit can lose cooling power.

Refrigerant Leaks: Leaks are usually caused by manufacturer defects or accidents. Upon seeing a low level of refrigerant in your AC, call a professional before you add more.

Benefits of Expert AC Repairs

When you regularly have your AC unit inspected by an AC repair contractor, you’re ensuring the highest efficiency possible for your AC system, leading to decreased energy bills and a cooler home.

Expert AC repairs completed by a professional AC repair company allows a trained professional to look over your entire system and inspect for current or future issues, meaning that you’ll lower your chance of having an AC-related emergency down the road.

Why Choose Chad’s AC Direct?

Since 1993, we’ve been a professional provider of Montgomery AC repair for homeowners in our community and the surrounding areas. Our team of expert HVAC experts is fully certified to complete the AC repairs you need.

We provide the correct system size, total comfort, and high-quality workmanship. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that if you feel we don’t meet these qualifications, we’ll redo the job free of cost.

Our customers can expect only the best customer service with after hour service calls, expert installations, and a 10-year parts labor warranty.

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Don’t put off your AC repairs any longer. Call us today at 334-264-6464 to set up an appointment for expert AC repairs in Montgomery, AL.