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Proudly Celebrating Memorial Day


We barbecue in the summer sun, and seek refuge in the air-conditioned house. They carry 100+ pounds of gear and keep fighting through all the elements. We do our shopping in malls and grocery stores that are heated and cooled for our convenience.

Our ancestors that fought the good fight did so barefoot and knee-deep in snow during the Revolutionary War. We get air conditioning and heaters that heat and cool our buildings to perfection at the press of a button because others fought. Imagine such a sacrifice.

That’s why here at Chad’s AC Direct we love Memorial Day. We prioritize honoring our fallen men and women that gave it all for our freedom in the blistering heat and frigid cold. In honor of this American holiday that we hold so dear, here are some interesting facts about Memorial Day and how we plan to celebrate.

From Decoration Day to Memorial Day

decorationdayEven though the holiday has been celebrated since the end of the Civil War, it didn’t become an official American holiday until 1971. Memorial Day started right after the Civil War because it was the bloodiest war to date in American history.

After so many gave their lives in the Civil War, Americans were holding vigils and remembrance ceremonies for their loved ones and community members all over the country in the spring of 1865.

It was originally called Decoration Day when a general that served called for a nationwide day of remembrance to be held on May 30, 1868. Why Decoration Day, of all names? Because he didn’t want it to be about any specific battle, but rather to honor every fallen soldier from the war. People would gather in cemeteries, and place flowers and flags on the graves of fallen soldiers.

Sound familiar? We carry on this tradition into the modern day, remembering friends, family, and other service members in our lives. Now, we celebrate it on the last Monday in May after Congress passed a law in 1968 so that federal employees could have a three-day weekend for the holiday. All across America, the last Monday in May means remembrance, cookouts, patriotic parades, and the beginning of summer.

We Honor Our Armed Forces

armedforcesIt may be easy to forget the true meaning of Memorial Day when we are constantly distracted by retail blowout sales, pool parties, and hot dog cookouts.

But we all know that this day truly exists to give respect to all men and women who died in battle from the Revolutionary War to the most recent missions our troops continue to fight.

Without them and their willingness to stand at the front lines, what would America be? Would we have faced invasion from outside countries? Would we be the democracy we are today? Fortunately for us, we don’t have to find out.

Thanking Our Clients

thankyouclientsThis Memorial Day, at Chad's AC Direct we celebrate our friends, family, and you. Our clients keep us moving forward, bringing innovation to our field and excellence to the industry. If you are a veteran and we’ve had the honor of having your business, we cannot thank you enough.

All our customers are our motivation and we are so grateful we get to serve you every day. Without the soldiers we honor on Memorial Day, we would not have the privilege to operate our business in a free country with a free market economy.

We appreciate your business, your loyalty, and our gratitude keeps us working for you in this great, free country. Memorial Day exists because of bravery, suffering, victory, and freedom. It exists because of Americans who followed the call to service, sacrificing everything for us.

So when you go shopping to take advantage of some of those Memorial Day sales, or swim in your neighbor’s pool, remember the fallen. Remember that they chose the difficult road that led them to fight for freedom, and gave their own life in the process. This year and every year, we will never forget.