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Who Needs Luck When You Have HVAC Smarts?


There are a variety of superstitions and lucky charms out there that some people swear by. Who doesn’t know someone who had a lucky penny or a rabbit’s foot to try and bring them a little extra luck? And, this time of year, everyone is often hunting for the elusive four-leaf clover to increase their fortunes.

While we aren’t disrespecting superstitions (after all, we all have them), there are times it is better to be smart than lucky. When it comes to your HVAC system, staying on top of regular maintenance is a lot better than clutching whatever lucky talisman you have, at least when it comes to avoiding a massive repair bill. These tips will help you stay on top of your HVAC maintenance and you can use your luck elsewhere.

The Brain of Your HVAC System: The Thermostat

thermostatWhile our HVAC systems are big systems that span our entire house, the most common thing we deal with is the thermostat. Since it displays temperature, most people think of the thermostat as the same as a thermometer but that is actually not true.

A thermostat is calibrated to try and maintain a set temperature. If this calibration is thrown off, studies have shown that your energy bills can increase by a relatively severe 7 percent.

Dirt is an incredibly common culprit in throwing this calibration off and causing problems. Having a simple calibration check performed annually before the peak season for your HVAC system can save you a ton of money in the long run.

Stopping the Sweat with a Dehumidifier

humidskinAs much as we may love our home, we can’t deny the amount of moisture in the air can certainly be uncomfortable at times. During the summer months, it can be hard to step outside without developing that light sheen of sweat from the humidity.

However, the sweat should stop at home and allow you to enjoy comfort and relaxation. Key to making this happen is using a dehumidifier in your home.

This pulls extra moisture out of the air and keeps you comfortable and dry. Keeping it emptied and clean will help it run at optimum efficiency and keep your air quality high.

The Engine of Your HVAC System: The Air Handler

airhandlerWe may think of the furnace or heat pump itself as the engine of the HVAC system but it can really be your air handler. In a split system, this device delivers the cooled or heated air all throughout your house via the air ducts.

This is why a malfunction to the air handler can actually impact the rest of your system as well. Air handlers use filters to keep the air clean but if these filters are not maintained, your system can take a nosedive in performance.

Managing your air handler is an essential part of routine HVAC maintenance. While a little superstition never hurts, at Chad’s AC Direct, we believe you may your own luck most of the time. There is no better way to make your own luck than calling us at (334) 264-6464.

Schedule a regular HVAC maintenance to keep away from discomfort and big repair bills. Share this article to make sure your friends and neighbors stay cool and comfortable as well as comment on anything else you do to keep your house comfortable all year long.