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Dust Belongs Outside, Not Inside!


We all love the outdoors, especially with the warm weather finally returning to us and a bitterly cold winter behind us. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to have comfortable backyard barbecues, lovely evenings outside on the patio and have all the outdoor fun without bundling up in so many layers.

Even with that in mind, that doesn’t mean that we want everything that is outside to come inside our house, right? One example is that with all the flowers in bloom and the plants returning to life, there is lots of dust and pollen in the air.

Your home should be a sanctuary. However, those sensitive to seasonal allergies can tell you that that isn’t always the case. Even if you are not very allergic, poor air quality in your house can be causing you problems that you don’t even realize.

How Bad Indoor Air Quality Affects You

healthissuesRemember all the dust and pollen in the air? Without a good air filtration system, all of those allergens can find their way into your house. This will make allergy sufferers miserable but it can impact everyone in some way.

Often, the presence of these allergens in your house will make you feel just a bit under the weather, kind of like having a minor cold. You may get headaches, feel a bit congested or just be a bit more tired than usual.

A lot of these symptoms can be chalked up to poor indoor air quality if you haven’t maintained your air filtration system. Even worse, a malfunctioning air filtration system can increase the number of viruses and bacteria in your house, making sickness spread more easily.

Fixing The Problem With an Air Filter

airfilterNormally, the biggest problem with indoor air quality is poorly maintaining the existing air filtration system. This can be pretty simple, just requiring regular changing of the filters themselves.

However, many homeowners greatly neglect this task. It is one of those things that is often out of sight, thus out of mind. Filters get changed at different frequencies, depending upon a few factors for your household.

If you have a lot of pets and people, you’ll want to change your filter every month of so. If you are single and not at home a lot, you can go with changing the filter just once or twice per year. If you aren’t sure about how often you should change your air filter, an expert at Chad’s AC Direct would be happy to help.

Clean Air Makes You Feel Better

breatheeasySome of those subtle aggravations that you previously blamed on stress or a cold will go away with improved air quality. If you have allergies, you’ll find that your house becomes a safe place to recover from exposure to all the allergens, making it the comforting spot it was always meant to be.

However, feeling better won’t be the only positive effect. Maintaining your air filtration system can also save you money. Your HVAC system will run more smoothly and effectively, meaning its energy usage will decrease, saving you money.

Wear and tear will also decrease, meaning you are less likely to face a massive repair bill. Take a deep breath of clean air, it’s good for you and good for your wallet. When we are helping maintain air filtration systems, we can almost always tell when it’s been neglected. The dust cloud that comes out of a dirty filter has us woefully singing along to “Another One Bites The Dust.”

Maintaining your air filtration systems will keep all of this dust out of your house, meaning you won’t be the one breathing in the dust. If you are curious about maintaining or upgrading your air quality, call an expert at Chad’s AC Direct at (334) 264-6464 and we’ll be happy to help.