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Reasons to Replace Your HVAC System Now!


HVAC systems have come a long way in the past decade. With all of today’s technological advances, features like eco-friendly refrigerants, modulating technology, variable-speed air circulation, and smart thermostats are becoming more standard.

The Air conditioning systems and heaters of today are more sophisticated than ever before. For these reasons alone, a new HVAC system just makes sense. The more common reasons for purchasing a new HVAC installation are as follow:

  • Carbon monoxide leakage.
  • Current HVAC unit is old.
  • Compressor failure.

Never Ignore a Carbon Monoxide Leak

“carbonmonoxideleak”To ignore a carbon monoxide (CO) leak is never an option to consider. CO is a deadly poisonous gas that will kill anyone who inhales it for a prolonged period of time.

It has no odor, which makes it is nearly impossible to detect until you start having physical symptoms.

Dizziness, headaches, nausea and difficulty breathing can wreak havoc on your health and interrupt your daily routine. If you think there is a CO leak inside your home, call an HVAC specialist and your utility company as quickly as possible.

How Old is Your HVAC System?

“oldairconditioner”Unlike fine wine, HVAC systems do not get better with age. One of the most common reasons why an HVAC system breaks down is age.

You may have just moved in and don't know how old the HVAC unit is. If your current HVAC system is more than 12 years old and requires frequent repairs, you should get a new one.

If your energy bill is too high, if you have indoor humidity, and if the system makes clanking noises you should probably consider upgrading to a newer model. Make sure that only a licensed HVAC expert works on your system and that they have the required credentials to install your new HVAC system.

Yearly HVAC maintenance plays a pivotal role in keeping your system running smoothly throughout the year. This once-a-year service call can keep your HVAC unit running efficiently all year long. There will be no expensive gas bill Yearly maintenance will keep your system running at peak capacity way past its lifespan.

5 Signs Your HVAC Compressor is Failing

It is advisable that you repair any HVAC issues as soon as possible. Your HVAC system is made up of many moving components, such as the condenser, condenser coil, and the fan. Its job is to absorb warm air inside your home and release it outdoors. You should respond to these signs of failure quickly in order to prevent further damage to your heating and cooling system.

Five clues that point to compressor failure are:


  • The compressor doesn’t turn on.
  • Compressor makes noise.
  • The compressor vibrates.
  • Your circuit breaker trips.
  • System blows warm air.

Practice damage control to resolve these issues quickly. Ignoring them for too long can cause the damage to worsen, and your repair bill will ultimately be higher. For immediate service, be sure to call a reputable HVAC installation specialist.

Call Chad's AC Direct in Montgomery, AL. Someone will be glad to help you determine if a new HVAC installation is needed in your home. If you do need a new HVAC, your contractor will advise you and recommend the right system for your home.