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Should Homeowners Get AC Replacements Before Summer Starts?

How To Determine if AC Replacement Is Needed

Warm summer days are fast approaching, and that means air conditioning is going to be increasingly important. After all, there sure is no better feeling than walking into a nice, cool house after a long day out in the heat. As for the reverse, the last thing most homeowners probably want to be dealing with is broken air conditioning systems.

Now is the best time to check in on home air conditioning systems before it is too late. Homeowners should be aware of the factors that make their AC systems susceptible to malfunction, as well as the types of in-home conditions that may suggest faulty AC units. And if this is the case, they should call for professional help as soon as possible.

The Unit Is Old

Age is a critical factor in an AC unit's propensity to malfunction. In general, if a system is 15+ years old, then homeowners should be sure to double-check that the system is properly functioning before summer. Aside from expected wear and tear, any number of challenges may arise over time:

  • Duct leaks
  • Electrical issues
  • Refrigerant leaks

While age is not a surefire sign that AC systems will malfunction, homeowners should understand the risk of keeping older units and delaying replacements. 

The Unit Is Inefficientbill

Efficiency is an essential consideration in determining whether AC replacement is required. Sure, sometimes AC units work well enough, but that does not necessarily mean they are operating nearly as optimally as they could be.

One of the easiest ways for homeowners to determine this is by comparing their utility bills to what they would otherwise expect based on their monthly usage. If there is a large discrepancy, this may indicate that certain factors limit the efficiency of the system. Often, inefficiencies may arise due to damaged unit parts (compressor, fan, etc.), which, in turn, require the entire system to work several times harder to properly cool the home.

While inefficiencies tend to occur in concert with the aging of the AC unit, age is not always the cause. Thus, even if homeowners have relatively newer AC systems, they should still be looking for signs that may indicate that systems are not functioning at maximum efficiency.

The Unit Is Not Cooling the Homehot at home

If the home is not getting cool at all, then this is the clearest sign that the AC system needs to be fixed or fully replaced. After all, the whole purpose of an AC unit is to cool the home, so if this is not happening, then clearly there is an issue!

In certain cases, AC systems may fail to cool homes after showing signs of inefficiencies that get worse over time. However, there are other times when AC systems will malfunction completely out of the blue. 

Regardless of which it is, homeowners should call for professional help as soon as possible and immediately turn off their AC systems in the interim. HVAC professionals will be able to determine the cause and decide whether or not a full replacement is needed.

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