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Fun Patriotic Facts About Air Conditioning!

Check Out These Weird (But True) AC Facts!

Many people take for granted their air conditioners these days. They're such an integral part of life, especially in hot areas like Alabama! Not only do ACs help to cool homes and businesses, but they help regulate the amount of moisture in the air. It's fair to say that, without air conditioners, people would be far less comfortable in the summer months. So, check out these fun and wacky AC facts to commemorate National AC Day!

June 17th Is National Air Conditioner Day!ac

June 17th is the day to celebrate air conditioners. It may not be the hottest day of the year, but it's still a great time to celebrate the invention of the AC. And there are several ways to commemorate the day. Some people like to crank their ACs down slightly more than normal, making their home nice and chilly. Basking in the cold air from the AC vents is a great way to appreciate the comfort available!

Another great way to commemorate AC day is to head outside and experience the heat of the day. Think about how it must have been to live without AC. Those adventurous few may even want to shut off their AC all day to see what it's like and how hot it gets inside. Then, when it's time to turn the AC on again, it's a great cooling treat.  

AC Was Invented Here in the Good Old USA

Believe it or not, the air conditioner was invented back in 1902 - nearly 120 years ago! And, it was an American inventor that changed the world forever with his cooling invention. Willis Carrier submitted plans for what would become known as the modern air conditioner in response to a problem at a Brooklyn publishing company. Carrier was an engineer, and his plan soon became hailed and used around the world. 

The basic functions of the air conditioner were to cool the air, remove moisture, clean the air, and control ventilation. Today, those basic functions remain the same! And since the publishing company was having issues with moisture in their warehouse, Carrier's invention came to the rescue. 


The Phrase "Summer Blockbuster" Is Thanks To AC

Another fun fact is the birth of the phrase "Summer Blockbuster." Today it makes us think of big-budget movies, often with plenty of action and superheroes. But, back in the 1930s, summer blockbuster meant something entirely different. Many people went to the movies and didn't care at all about the movie itself!

Back in the 1930s, air conditioning wasn't as prevalent as it is today. The movie theater industry saw the need to keep their buildings cool with this fairly new invention, and so they did. When summer rolled around, people would line up around the block to get into the theater. It was not so much for the movie, but because it was a place with air conditioning where they could escape the sweltering summer heat!

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