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Why a Dehumidifier Is the Must-Have Item of the Summer

3 Reasons Every Home Needs a Dehumidifier This Summer

Dehumidifiers are gaining popularity for their ability to help reduce the burden on the AC system during the rainiest months. But for homeowners in particularly humid climates, a dehumidifier is not just a helpful addition to the home, but a necessity. And few regions are more humid than Montgomery - especially in the summertime.

To understand the importance of a dehumidifier, it helps to look at the adverse effects that extreme humidity can have on a home. Not only can it make things pretty uncomfortable indoors, but it can also cause real damage and endanger the health of everyone in the household. Here are the three biggest reasons a dehumidifier is so imperative for the summer months.

Gets Rid of Dampness and Musty Odorsbad smell

It's bad enough to get sticky and sweaty two seconds after stepping outside. No one wants to feel that way in their own home, too. Every air conditioner reduces the home's indoor humidity to some degree, but it's not always enough in the muggy summer months. 

Damp carpets, condensation on the inner window panes, and musty smells are all indications that there's too much moisture in the air. Cereals, chips, and crackers will also tend to get soft and stale after only a few days of being opened, and bread may get moldy faster than usual. A powerful enough dehumidifier can eliminate these unwanted symptoms.

Helps Prevent Mold Growth

As frustrating and unpleasant as general dampness can be, it also has a more serious side. Mold and mildew can take hold very easily on damp surfaces and thrive in moisture-rich environments. On top of producing an unpleasant odor, these invasive growths can be hazardous to everyone in the home. Certain types of mold can cause respiratory illness, especially with prolonged exposure.

And once they take hold, they can spread rapidly, propagating inside the walls and under the floors - particularly if the home stays humid. After even a few months, getting rid of the mold may require tearing apart whole sections of the home and rebuilding. Fortunately, a dehumidifier can help create an environment in which mold isn't likely to grow.

wood floor

Protects Hardwood From Warping and Moisture Damage

Excess moisture in the air can also be a force of destruction in itself, particularly for any wood in the home. Furniture, cabinets, banisters, baseboards, crown molding, and door frames can all be affected, but hardwood floors are perhaps the most susceptible. Even if the wood is treated to be moisture-resistant, the excess humidity can seep into the wood over time and cause it to expand and contract. Eventually, the wood will begin to warp and split.

Doors may not close properly, paint and lacquer may start to peel, the planks in hardwood floors may start to crack or curl at the edges and corners, etc. The damage can be extensive and lead to costly renovations, so it's always best to prevent it if possible. A quality whole-home dehumidifier is the best defense against moisture damage - and there's no better time than now to start protecting the house and everyone in it.

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