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Optimal Thermostat Settings for Homeowners

Maintain the Best Thermostat Settings Year-Round!

Fall is in full swing, and that means winter is just a few weeks away. With cold temperatures on the horizon, many homeowners and their families prepare their homes to maximize warmth. Many homeowners may be asking themselves: what temperature should the thermostat be set at?

The short answer to this question is that it depends, and this is largely because indoor comfort varies between individuals and between families. However, there are some overarching principles that people should follow to maximize their comfort while also minimizing energy waste. Continue reading for all of this information and more!

Fall and Winterfall

Fall is here, and winter is coming pretty soon. As such, temperatures will, of course, drop by the day. Making sure that there is a high enough indoor temperature to keep everyone warm is very important. Of course, making the home too warm is a waste of energy and can be quite uncomfortable as well.

Depending on the location, temperatures in Alabama tend to be around the 30s or 40s during the winters. Yes, it is possible to blast the heat in the 70s, but this will be wasteful and costly. The better thing to do is start in the mid-60s and see how everyone in the home feels. That may be enough or even too much. However, if that is not enough, homeowners can gradually increase the temperature a few degrees to see where it is most comfortable for everyone.

Spring and Summer

Of course, responsibly managing the thermostat settings does not just end after the fall and winter. Homeowners need to be thinking about spring and summer settings as well! Again, the temperatures may vary by location, but most springs and summers in Alabama are somewhere in the 80s. Sure, homeowners could set their thermostats in the 60s to ensure that they are always cool enough. However, the smarter thing to do is to start a bit higher.

For example, homeowners could put their thermostat first in the low 70s and see how this feels for everyone. This may also be enough or even too much. However, if people are not cool enough, homeowners can gradually decrease the thermostat setting by a few degrees until everyone is comfortable. In this sense, there is less energy wastage.

When Nobody Is Homehome

A final important thing to note is that homeowners should also be aware of thermostat settings when they are not home at any time of the year. This is because adjusting the thermostat settings to conserve energy can also be a huge cost-saving. For example, if homeowners plan to go away for Christmas, they can turn off their heat rather than waste it.

Smart thermostats are a great way to do this because they have settings that allow homeowners to preset thermostat temperatures. For installation, homeowners can simply call for professional thermostat services. These professionals will also often provide heating and air conditioning services if there are issues with any other parts of the HVAC system!

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