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A Better, More Efficient Way to Heat Your Home in the Winter

Heating Homes Is Easier With Heat Pumps

The winter cold has descended on New Hampshire, which means furnaces and boilers are already getting their fair share of work. Many homeowners are turning up the thermostat with a cringe on their faces, thinking about the costs associated with winter heating. Maybe they’re telling their kids to wear more clothes in the house to save a few dollars on heating for the winter. Perhaps some are even lighting fires in their fireplaces. 

Fortunately, there’s a better — and much cheaper — way to save money on heating costs this winter and every winter hereafter. That way is through the use of a heat pump in the home. Installing heat pumps can also help cool the home in the summer. Read on to find out how. 

What Are Heat Pumps and How Do They Work?

Heat pumps operate on technology similar to the technology used in refrigerators. Whereas furnaces create heat and distribute it through the home, heat pumps extract heat from the air outside and pump it into the home. Heat pumps can work even in cold weather, although they do limit how effective they will be in freezing temperatures. 

Heat pumps do this with the help of refrigerant, which absorbs ambient heat from the air outside the home and then transfers it inside. In the summer months, heat pumps essentially do the same thing in reverse, absorbing heat from inside the home and pumping it outside. 

Ductless Heating Benefitsductless

Heating pumps come in two styles: those that require ducts and those that don’t. The most common kind of heat pump is a ductless mini-split system. These heat pumps don’t require ductwork to function, which means minimal changes to the home. But, they’re generally only able to provide heating and cooling to the room in which they’re installed. 

These mini-split systems operate on an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Both units contain a fan and a coil. The coils can act to condense or evaporate, depending on the needs of the pump. Perhaps the best thing about these systems is that they only require a small hole drilled through the wall for the refrigerant line. Plus, multiple indoor units in different rooms can operate off of one outdoor unit. 

saving Energy Savings = Money Savings

In mild climates, heat pumps can function as a home’s sole heating and cooling system. But for those in New Hampshire, they’re more beneficial to supplement the home’s existing heating and cooling system. They’re much more efficient than central air systems, as they don’t need to generate heat. Instead, they move existing heat from one place to another. And although they require an initial upfront investment, they pay for themselves through their energy savings over time. Plus, they reduce a home’s carbon footprint by using less electricity.

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