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3 Essentials for Throwing a Scary Good Halloween Party This Year!

3 Tips for Making Your Halloween Party a Screaming Good Time

As the moon rises over the shedding trees and floats in the sky while a wolf howls off in the distance, many homeowners find themselves thinking about one thing only: their upcoming Halloween party. There's no blaming them. When the sun goes down early and the spooky sound of dead leaves scraping across the ground as the wind howls, thoughts about this haunting holiday are all around. And there are three essentials that every homeowner needs to have a fun and festive Halloween party this year. Read on to find out what they are!

Spook-tacular Decorationsdecorations

What's a Halloween party without spooky decorations? Luckily, there are a ton of awesome and affordable decorations available these days. There's something for everyone, from indoor lights and animatronic candy bowls to screaming witches and window decals. 

A trio of six-foot-tall scary, faceless witches can make a great addition to the front yard or even in some spare space in the house. Inflatables have also been very popular in recent years, and homeowners will surely be putting up some of these fun decorations. They're available in giant pumpkins, scarecrows, and even walkway arches that have ghosts and pumpkins. For indoor decorations, there are pillowcases available and perhaps a bag of bones to scatter around the house. 

Snacks and Candycandy

Now that the decorations are out of the way, it's time to think about appropriate snacks for the party. The obligatory bowl of Halloween candy goes without saying. To make things a little more fun, consider getting some themed bags and handing out some goodie bags for the guests. And while store-bought candies are expected, homemade snacks can take things to the next level. 

Simply place some spreadable mushrooms on the still-warm brownies for spooky brownies and form them into ghost shapes. Place little chocolates for the eyes, and that's one snack down. All one needs apples, popsicle sticks, caramel, and black food coloring for something a little easier. These "poison apples" are easy to make by melting the caramel and turning it black with the food coloring. Dip the apple in the black caramel and let it cool, then let the guest marvel at these sweet but sinister-looking treats. 

A Working HVAC System

Last but not least on this list is a working HVAC system. Here in Alabama, Halloween can be warm or cold. Either way, homeowners need the last thing to have their HVAC system fail on them in the middle of their Halloween party. Luckily, ensuring this is as easy as calling for fall HVAC maintenance. 

When a professional HVAC service takes care of fall maintenance, homeowners can worry about other things, — like decorating for their upcoming Halloween party. It provides homeowners with peace of mind so that they can enjoy their time with friends and family during their spooky Halloween party. 

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