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Ring In the New Year With a New HVAC Unit!

Give Yourself the New HVAC Unit You Deserve This Year

No homeowner wants to start the new year with a plague of HVAC problems. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what many homeowners will face this year. Particularly with so much additional time spent at home during 2020, HVAC units have been pushed to their limits. Older models and units that haven’t been adequately maintained will finally break down once and for all. For those who have been eagerly waiting for the right time to trade out their old furnace or AC for a new, more efficient system - that time has come.

Signs Your HVAC Unit Needs Replacement


Most HVAC systems don’t last longer than 15 or 20 years, and that’s with an excellent maintenance record. The intense heat and humidity of Alabama summers (not to mention the significant cold and humidity of its winters) can take a toll on a unit and reduce that figure. An aging unit will typically suffer problems and breakdowns with increasing regularity as individual components wear down and burn out. It’s better to shell out for a new unit than to sink any more money into temporary repairs.

Other indications that the unit may be beyond saving are loud and unusual noises, frequent shut offs, non-stop running, or a lack of warm temperatures in the home. A struggling unit will not perform efficiently and can drive up utility costs dramatically. 

Find a Unit That’s the Right Size for Your Home

Many homeowners have difficulties with their HVAC units simply because they are not appropriately sized for their homes; an undersized unit won’t be powerful enough to handle the thermostat’s demands or create sufficient airflow, and an oversized one will have a shorter lifespan due to its inefficient overperformance.

Sizing an HVAC unit ultimately comes down to the number of BTUs (British Thermal Units) needed to heat and cool the home. This is usually found using a Manual J calculation, which is an algorithm involving relevant factors like square and cubic footage, house layout, climate, insulation quality, and the number of occupants - among other things. A licensed HVAC technician or energy auditor can quickly perform this evaluation and make recommendations for the proper unit size.

Why Maintaining Your New Unit Is So Important

Diligent, quality maintenance is the best way to ensure that the new unit continues to perform at peak efficiency and lasts for many more years to come. Beyond changing the air filter regularly (which is a must), homeowners would do well to have the unit professionally maintained and inspected twice a year. Spring and fall maintenance will help ensure that the AC is ready for summer and the heater is ready for winter and fix any minor issues that may have developed in between.

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Most HVAC problems are the direct result of insufficient maintenance, so skipping it is not an option for homeowners that want to protect their investment - and don’t want to worry about replacing their unit again for a long time. A pro can safely perform advanced diagnostics, replace worn parts, lubricate fan bearings, clean grime off of electrical components, and recharge refrigerant lines - among other vital tasks. 

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