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Heat Your Home With Heat Pumps This Holiday Season

Warm Your Home Efficiently With Heat Pumps

The end of the year is the season for celebration and thanksgiving. Holiday gatherings and meals are scheduled. People exchange gifts. Houses are decorated with beautiful displays to mark this joyous time of year. But many people don't realize how important a home's heater is to the merriment. One of the highest costs of the season is heating a home for visitors during the holiday season. Along with all of the other costs associated with the holidays, bills can become overwhelming during this time of year. 

Luckily, some changes can be made to homes to help them run more efficiently and reliably. By saving on heating bills and repairs, homeowners can enjoy an extra cash boost during the holidays. 

What Is a Heat Pump and How Does It Work?

Heat pumps are not necessarily new technology. However, new developments have made them wildly more efficient than their fossil-fuel-burning counterparts. An air conditioner works by compressing and expanding a chemical refrigerant to capture heat from inside the home and release it outside. A heat pump does the same thing except in reverse. 


It may be counterintuitive to think about winter outdoor temperatures as "warm," but the properties of the refrigerant allow the heat pump to capture the warmth outside and pump it inside a home. It accomplishes this by allowing the refrigerant to evaporate in the outdoor coil, which warms it up. 

When the refrigerant circulates to the compressor, large amounts of heat are generated and exchanged inside the blower unit to warm the home. The refrigerant is then pumped back outside, where the cycle continues. 

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are gaining so much attention because of how energy-efficient they can be. Under ideal conditions, a heat pump can reach efficiencies as high as 300% because of the amount of heat they can transfer. The most efficient gas-powered furnaces are only rated at 98% efficient. This means that heat pumps are by far more efficient than electrical resistance heating and more efficient than fossil fuel heat sources. 

Benefits of Installing Heat Pumps


Energy efficiency ratings directly relate to savings on heating and cooling bills. Because heat pumps carry out heating and cooling, bills should stay stable and low year-round. Many households drop their reliance on natural gas altogether when they make the switch to heat pumps. 

Along with energy savings, some of the benefits of heat pumps are: 

  • No Extra Utilities: Homeowners won't have to pay gas bills for heating and won't be hit with monthly minimums during the cooling season while their heater sits idle. 
  • No Retrofitting: Heat pumps are designed to replace existing systems so installation is easy. 
  • Maximized lifespan: Heat pumps run continuously all year, either heating or cooling. This makes it easier on the machinery and reduces maintenance and repair costs compared to conventional furnace systems. 
  • Safety: No flames or carbon monoxide sources are present, so the risk of fire and poisoning is not present. 

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