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Make Sure Love Is the Only Thing in the Air This Valentine's Day!

Don't Kill the Romantic Mood With Awful Air Quality 

Roses, chocolate, and candles are expected scents that fill the air on February 14th. But sometimes, there's something more sinister in the air. Indoor air pollution can be a serious problem in any home, and the lurking pollutants can wreak havoc on a home's occupants and kill even the most romantic mood. Read on to discover the common sources of indoor air pollutants and methods to improve the home's air quality before Valentine's Day arrives. 

4 Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants

Indoor air pollutants cause health damage and reduce the home's comfort levels. There are hundreds of various substances that pollute indoor air, but most of them fall within one of four types.

  • Moisture Based Pollutants: Moisture based pollutants are common in homes year-round, though when outdoor humidity is higher, often the indoor humidity levels are, too. Moisture based pollutants thrive in humidity (which can be irritating by itself.) Mold, mildew, allergens, and dust mites collect in moisture-heavy areas.
  • Combustion Products: Gas-powered appliances produce carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide when used. These substances travel easily through the air and need to be properly vented to prevent air pollution. The substances can be highly toxic when not cleared out properly. 
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds): VOCs are found in substances like gas, pesticides, and chemical compounds used in the home. These substances can pose a health threat when breathed even at low levels. 
  • Radon: Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. It varies across regions, but the radioactive gas can pose serious health problems when breathed in. 

Cleaner Air: Purifiers vs. Sanitizers

Removing pollutants from the air should be a priority in any home. When it comes to air cleaning methods, there are two major technologies on the market.


  • Air Purifiers: Air purifiers physically remove irritants such as mold spores, dirt, and pollen from the air. They do so by using a series of HEPA filters that trap the irritants as they cycle through the filters. However, air purifiers are only as efficient as their filters. When filters become clogged, they cannot purify the air. Purifiers work best to remove allergens from a home. 
  • Air Sanitizers: Air sanitizers use UV light to kill microorganisms in the air. Air sanitizers work to destroy pathogens and neutralize some chemicals in the air. However, they do not physically remove irritants, dust, or mold spores. Some sanitizers can sometimes produce small ozone levels, a substance that can be harmful to small pets, though most high-end units do not produce ozone. Air sanitizers are better used to prevent the spread of illness and kill active mold spores.

Easy Ways To Improve Indoor Air Qualitywoman at home

  • Vent the Air: Homes should have proper ventilation, including fans and vents. Humidity in the bathroom, gas from the stove, and smoke from the fireplace can all be vented through the use of fans and air ventilation with just a flick of a switch or the turning of a knob.
  • Bring in Fresh Air: Opening doors and windows, even in the winter, is one way to improve indoor air quality. Fresh air sources help cycle stagnant air through the home.
  • Clean the House: Dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping help remove irritants from the home. Keeping the house clean prevents excessive build-up of air irritants in the home. 

A local HVAC expert can help homeowners decide the best air cleaning method for their home. Keeping the air clean and fresh for Valentine's Day will be a snap, thanks to these helpful tools, tips, and suggestions.

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