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Why Is the Air Conditioner Failing?

Common Causes of AC Issues

No matter the location of a home, the air conditioner is one of the most used appliances. It keeps homeowners cool and works to filter out impurities for a healthy home.

Unfortunately, air conditioners are also susceptible to wear and tear. While repairs should always be left to the professionals, knowing when to call them is just as important. In this article, AC repair experts offer some convenient explanations for common repair and maintenance processes. 

Possible AC Problems: Debris 

As the world has spent more and more time at home over the last six months, people, in general, have come to rely heavily on their AC or heating to be in perfect working condition. When the HVAC system is not working, it's easy to notice. Why might the HVAC system not be working? There are multiple reasons, and one of the biggest is debris.

Debris collecting around an HVAC unit can stop it from working. This is especially true and more evident if the HVAC unit is located outside and next to a tree. The leaves from the tree can get into the unit, causing it to malfunction and preventing the air from getting into the house. Not only can the debris clog the air filters, but the debris can also dirty other parts of the HVAC, which can cause it to work less efficiently and eventually lead to a breakdown. If left in an area where small debris like dirt and leaves are all around it, HVAC systems are likely to experience problems.

Unit Sizing Issues


Another potential problem with HVAC units is that it might not be the correct size for the living space. This problem will most likely be more evident if the unit is too small for the house than too big. An undersized unit might work overtime to provide air to the house while still not reaching all the areas the air needs to reach. This constant demand for more than the unit is able to provide can cause it to break down.

Big systems, however, are not completely exempt from problems. When systems are too big, the house's temperature will get there quicker than the system had prepared for, causing the machine to cut it's cycle short, causing a phenomenon called short-cycling. This is like pulling a power cord on a TV without shutting it off first. Repeated instances could lead to the machine breaking down.

Problems Caused By Thermostats

The thermostat in an HVAC system is really important. If the thermostat is not correctly calibrated, it can cause the HVAC unit to short-cycle or provide a never-ending supply of air, both scenarios producing more wear and tear on the unit and causing it to fail. 


When the thermostat suddenly shuts off, it will also cause the HVAC system to shut off. This is usually due to a lack of power, but it isn't good for the HVAC system if it happens often. Luckily, these issues can be solved quickly with a thermostat replacement, allowing homeowners to upgrade to a smart thermostat. 

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