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Central Air Conditioning Versus Ductless Cooling: A Comparison

Choosing Between Central AC and Ductless Systems

The warm summer temperatures are in full swing, and these long hot days sure do call for some good, quality air conditioning. Many homeowners, however, find themselves asking the same question: when it comes to choosing the right cooling system, is central air conditioning or a ductless system the way to go?

The short but simple answer is that both of these are great options for cooling, and each option provides distinct benefits to homeowners and their families. Continue reading for a full comparison of central air conditioning and ductless cooling systems.

Central Air Conditioning Benefitshvac

Starting with central air conditioning, this is a popular choice among many homeowners. Some of the many benefits of central AC systems include:
  • Cooling capacity - can cool the entire home at the same time rather than just one single room at a time
  • Energy efficiency - this is the case particularly for newer AC models and can save homeowners a significant amount of money on their energy bills
  • Hidden visually - provides for an ideal aesthetic because the ductwork is hidden for the most part throughout the home
  • Property value - having a system in place can add to home values at the time of sale

The reasons above paint a pretty clear picture of why many homeowners opt for central air conditioning in their homes, even with some of its downsides. On the other hand, many other homeowners opt for ductless systems, as they have their own benefits.

Ductless Mini Split System Benefitsac

As most people can probably tell from the name, ductless mini-split cooling systems do not rely on existing or new ductwork. Instead, they operate through and are installed via the walls of the home.

These systems offer several benefits to homeowners, which is why they are another popular option. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Easy installation - this is largely because they do not rely on ductwork to be present throughout the home
  • Energy efficiency - these are highly efficient systems, and various models can have some of the highest efficiency ratings
  • Smaller size - their size is such that they have greater flexibility and can cool singly rooms independently from one another

Ductless systems are a fantastic alternative to central AC systems for reasons related to sizing, costs, or anything else. Homeowners should give these systems adequate consideration if they are thinking of getting a new AC system or upgrading from an existing one.

Other Options for Cooling

Some homeowners may be asking why central air conditioning and ductless systems should get all of the attention? This is a valid question, and there are several other cooling options:

  • Ceiling or portable plug-in fans - these are easy to handle and can effectively cool individual rooms in the home by circulating warm air
  • Portable AC units – these are self-contained, movable systems that can cool individual rooms
  • Window systems - these are simple, window-mounted units that plug into an electrical outlet

These options are great alternatives to central AC or ductless systems, so homeowners should assess their preferences and decide from there!

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