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Brrrr... Is That a Ghost or a Broken Heater?

Keep Toasty on Horror Movie Night by Preventing Heater Problems

Goosebumps and shivers are part of the horror movie package. Everyone loves a good scare, but the last thing any homeowner wants is to be in the middle of a movie when the heater goes out. Those aren't the fun kind of chills, and they usually come with an expensive HVAC bill. 

Read on to discover the three telltale signs that a home's heater needs care and take action to prevent a dead heater. 

The House Is Chillier Than a Graveyard

If the home has an ambiance similar to a graveyard, cold, foggy, and uncomfortable, there's probably trouble with the heater. This problem can manifest in a couple of different ways. 

Homeowners should look for the following:

  • The Furnace Is Always Starting Up: If the furnace is kicking on every hour or more and the house stays cold, it's not working properly. This can indicate overheating or restricted airflow in the unit. 
  • Thermostat Needs Constantly Adjusted: If a homeowner finds themselves constantly adjusting the thermostat to increase heat in the home, the heater likely isn't keeping up with the demands.  
  • Cold Spots: If a home has rooms that vary dramatically in temperature, the heating system needs checking. Leaking ductwork, dirty ducts, and an overworked furnace can contribute to cold spots in a home.

The Heater Is Making a Rotten Racket

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If a home's heater sounds like a monster mash, there's probably trouble with the heater. Different sounds indicate different problems, but an HVAC professional should investigate any strange noises right away. 

A few troublesome noises are as follows:

  • Banging: If banging occurs, the ductwork used to direct heat through the home is often to blame. Loose or unsupported ductwork can bash against the walls and shake, causing the racket. Having the ductwork tightened or better supported can usually fix the problem. 
  • Booming:  If the furnace can make a sound like thunder, there's a combustion problem at hand. Combustion troubles need to be addressed immediately, as misfiring can damage the furnace and lead to the need for replacement, alongside being a hazard to the home's safety.
  • Screeching: If the heater makes sounds like nails on a chalkboard, there's a damaged part to blame. A misaligned, loose, or broken blower wheel can make a sound even ghosts would call awful. A qualified HVAC technician can make the needed adjustments and repairs to stop the awful squealing.

The Power Bill Is Horrifically High 

Most homeowners notice rising electricity costs before any other signs of heater troubles. The electric bill is a monthly gauge of how efficiently a home's heating system works. The higher the bill, the less efficient the system.

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As colder weather settles in, heaters with problems will struggle to keep up with their home's demands. Overworked heaters will use more energy to maintain the desired home temperature, resulting in painfully high electric bills.

When the signs point to heater troubles, homeowners should reach out to an expert HVAC technician to fix the problem quickly so that the only chills to be had on Halloween are from scary movies.  

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