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Signs It's Time for Air Duct Replacement

Problems With Aging Ductwork

All homes experience problems with the various HVAC and plumbing systems located inside at some time. These problems can range from a burst pipe to an HVAC system whose fan has given out. While some are a freak accident, many of these mishaps come from aged HVAC and plumbing systems. A prime example of aged systems causing problems can be found by examining ductwork. Not only can this impact a homeowner’s comfort, but also it can lead to other side effects. 

Ductwork Is on the Older Side

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Aging ductwork can be prone to parts breaking down or rusting to the point that they aren’t performing their proper functions anymore. This is more likely to happen in a humid environment due to the increased water concentration in the air, which breaks down metals faster than drier parts of the country. 

Eventually, the ductwork can crack or develop leaks, which allows air to escape. This can cause some rooms to have less airflow than others or a lack of airflow throughout the home. 

Rising Utility Bills

The wear and tear of operating over a long time can cause ductwork to decline in performance. While the system might not perform as fast or at the speed homeowners wanted to before, it will still keep up with the demand placed on it. 
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To keep up with this demand, the system will use more energy and air to cool the home properly. This increase in energy use might not be noticed when they are just using their system, but it is sure to make an appearance on the energy bill. Homeowners will see a significantly larger bill for energy than usual, in some instances even double or triple the normal bill. 

Air Quality Decrease

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The biggest concern with damaged air ducts is the air quality in the home, because this can directly impact the health and comfort of homeowners. It can even impact their sleep. This could happen in all the rooms or just the harder-to-reach places. 

It would be a good idea to check the age of the system and the air filter for homeowners that notice issues like:

  • Excess dust 
  • Increase in allergies or colds
  • Stuffy or smelly rooms
  • Dust and grime on vents
  • Mold growth

The air filter is the first line of defense for the home, and if it’s full of dust and grime, that same debris could be getting into the ductwork. 

Keep in mind that those living in more humid climates might have ductwork that’s not that old already facing corrosion due to the environment. Such air ducts need more frequent replacement. It’s always best to contact an experienced HVAC company to resolve these issues. 

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