Tallassee AC Repair & Maintenance Services

When Tallassee & Central Alabama residents need expert 24-hour air conditioning repair, they trust Chad’s AC Direct to get the job done right the first time.

If you’ve lived in Tallassee long, you know how hot it can get during the summer months. So, when you have issues with your air conditioner, it’s good to know you have a locally-owned, professional AC contractor standing by, ready to fix your problem quickly and at a fair price.

Chad’s AC Direct performs a wide range of air conditioner repair and installation services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Tallassee AC Repairs

As a homeowner, you need your air conditioner to work adequately all summer to keep you and your family comfortable. The best way to ensure that your system is ready to provide you with reliable service day and night is by calling Chad’s AC Direct for air conditioner maintenance and repairs.

Chad’s AC Direct offers personalized service that’s nearly impossible to get these days, especially when working with a big chain AC contractor. When you’re sick of being treated like just another payday instead of a friend and neighbor, call Chad’s AC Direct for all of your AC repairs.

Common Air Conditioner Repairs

The typical air conditioner gives off signs that things aren’t right and that it might be time to call for AC repair. Here are the most common issues we find that affect most homeowners:

  • Evaporator Coil Issues: Over time, evaporator coils become dirty and freeze, putting stress on other parts of the system. And while some people think frozen evaporator coils are normal, they aren't. If you have issues with freezing coils, call for repairs now before things get worse.
  • Electrical Issues: If any of your system’s electrical components stop working, your air conditioner could lose power or cause electrical issues throughout the house.
  • Leaking Refrigerant: Leaking refrigerant is usually the result of accidents or a defect that occurred during manufacturing. If you notice that your system isn’t cooling like it used to, or you see moisture around the unit, call a professional before you decide to add more.

You don’t have to worry if money is tight; please check out our financing options to help you get that much-needed repair or installation.

Benefits of AC Repair and Maintenance

Many residents don’t see the value in routine air conditioner maintenance and tune-ups. However, your air conditioner is a complex machine that will operate more efficiently and last longer if you perform regular preventative maintenance and minor repairs instead of waiting until something catastrophic happens.

Not only does regular maintenance and repairs keep your system running efficiently, but it reduces the chance that you’ll encounter an AC-related emergency in the future.

When you work with Chad’s AC Direct, you get a professional HVAC contractor that’s served the Tallassee, AL, area since 1993. Our team of expert technicians is fully certified to handle virtually any air conditioner issue on any make or model you can imagine.

Because we’re a locally-owned company, our customers are our friends and neighbors. As such, we’re committed to providing personalized service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means if you’re unhappy for any reason, we’ll re-do the job at no cost to you.

Don’t put off your AC repairs any longer. Call Chad’s AC Direct at 334-264-6464 to set up an appointment. We’re conveniently located between Elmore and Tallapoosa counties.