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Three Green Tips to Make Your Central Heater More Energy Efficient

Easy Ways to Go, Green,

Going green is easy. But Instead of green accessories or clothing, homeowners can look at 'green' habits and technologies to adopt for more energy-efficient home heating systems that will have them celebrating savings in energy and money.

Maximize the Use of Ceiling Fans

fanAn oft-overlooked method of heating rooms more efficiently is ceiling fans. Although it seems counterintuitive, turning on a fan to heat a room is a tried and tested method of circulating air to bring warm air near the bottom of the room where its occupants are and pushing cold air up to the top. This is only possible if the switch on the fan's body is toggled to make it rotate clockwise. Spinning clockwise creates an updraft that naturally brings warm air down and cold air up. 

By augmenting a home's central heating system with ceiling fans, the burden of heating a large space often placed entirely on the HVAC is somewhat reduced, allowing it to run with greater energy efficiency, making it cost less to operate.

Replace Air Filters Regularly

Air filters play an important role in improving the quality of indoor air that gets pushed and distributed through the HVAC system. Its finely woven, specially fabricated fibers trap dirt, dust, and other harmful particles floating in the air, removing them from the air flowing through the HVAC to make the indoor air cleaner and more comfortable.

As with all home fixtures and appliances, HVAC systems need to be kept in tip-top shape, which means changing the air filter regularly. The recommended frequency for filter replacement is every 30-60 days. If left on longer than this recommended period, filters become dirty. They can no longer trap particles and pollutants as effectively, which leads not only to poorer air quality but also to less efficient HVAC performance as dirty air filters slow down the flow of air that passes through the HVAC system. 

Consider Switching to a Smart Thermostat

thermostatUsing smart thermostats is another way to significantly reduce energy consumption in the home and subsequently lower monthly electric bills. Because smart thermostats have the ability to collect data points about each home's heating patterns and use this information to create custom programming, they help lessen energy that is wasted with older, less technologically advanced thermostats in use. 

As a bonus, the latest smart thermostats have more advanced settings and often come with a smart display panel or connect to an app on the phone. This gives homeowners greater latitude for control even when they are not at home. This ability for remote access allows homeowners to tweak their home's settings even when they are away for extended periods, such as during long vacations. Because of this, heaters that are paired with smart thermostats often end up with less wasted energy, making them more cost-effective to operate.

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