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Start This Year's Spring Cleaning With Air Duct Service!

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Air Duct Cleaning

Spring cleaning is all about tackling those dreaded chores and giving attention to those areas of the house that often go overlooked in the normal cleaning routine. One perfect example of such an area is the home's HVAC ductwork. It's designed to be tucked away out of sight, and yet it's a vital part of any central cooling or heating system. And when contaminants like dirt, dust, or mold accumulate in the ducts, it can cause a range of problems - not just for the home's occupants but also for the HVAC system itself. 

So to help homeowners understand why duct cleaning should be at the top of their spring cleaning list this year, this article will explain the benefits of duct cleaning, common signs the air ducts need to be cleaned, and how to help keep them as clean as possible without professional help!

Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

air ductPeriodic air duct cleaning is important to maintaining any HVAC system over the long term. Dirt, debris, and other contaminants in the ductwork can wind up getting inside the HVAC unit, hindering its performance or even causing damage to its components. This can reduce energy efficiency and shorten the lifespan of the unit.

If the ductwork or the unit becomes contaminated with mold, fungus, or vermin, it can spread throughout the entire system and into the home. This is why professional air duct cleaning services often involve cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, blower fan housing, and condensate drainage system - to eliminate contamination. Any contaminants in the HVAC system can also exacerbate allergy symptoms and cause respiratory irritation.

So getting the ducts cleaned periodically can help improve indoor air quality, boost the system's performance and efficiency, and help prevent costly repairs or premature breakdowns. 

How To Tell When the Ducts Need Cleaning

Fortunately, air duct cleaning typically only needs to be done every few years - but every home is different, and some may require more frequent cleanings. So, in general, it's best to just watch for the common signs of dirty air ducts.

Dust or mold on the air registers is one of the most obvious signs of dirty ducts. Likewise, if debris below air vents or dust seems to accumulate very quickly on surfaces throughout the home, there's likely an excessive amount of dust and dirt in the ducts. Suppose an unpleasant odor or a musty smell is coming from the vents. In that case, it may indicate that mold or some other form of biological contamination has taken hold in the air ducts or inside the HVAC unit itself.

Poor airflow, uneven cooling or heating, and higher-than-normal electric bills may indicate that debris clogs the ducts or interferes with the unit's internal components. This can even point to a leak in the ductwork, which can end up pulling in dust or insulation from attics or crawl spaces. Some of these symptoms can point to other issues, so it's best to call a reliable HVAC contractor to diagnose the problem and determine whether duct cleaning is the right solution.

How Homeowners Can Help Keep Their Ducts Clean

ductHomeowners can prolong periods between professional duct cleaning services and maintain cleaner air in their homes by keeping their ductwork as clean as possible. There are several ways to do this, and they're easier than one might think.

Firstly, just keeping the house clean can go a long way in reducing the dust that can wind up in the ducts in the first place! That means regularly dusting, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming and periodically cleaning upholstery and curtains where dust accumulates.

Homeowners should also be sure to replace air filters on time, as these are the HVAC system's main defense against dust and debris. Setting a reminder for air filter replacement every 3 months should be fine for most homes, but those with allergies or multiple pets may want to change the air filters every 1-2 months instead. 

Homeowners can also keep all their air registers open (at least partially), as dust and debris can get trapped in the ductwork, leading to closed-off registers. And since Alabama is no stranger to humidity, installing a dehumidifier in the home may be a good idea to help prevent mold and mildew growth in the ducts (not to mention the rest of the home).

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