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Stay in and Keep Warm with the Right Temperature This Valentine's Day!

Make Sure the Heat Is Working Before Staying Home! 

There's nothing romantic about being shivering cold with chattering teeth! Make sure that the heat is set to the right temperature this holiday before enjoying a romantic night in. Optimizing the heating system can help homeowners ensure that they have a warm, cozy environment to spend their holiday in. Here are three easy ways to improve heating efficiency and keep the home warm. 

Make Sure There Are No Drafts 

One of the reasons why a home may seem chilly even though the heat is on is because there are drafts around the windows or doors. Some windows and doors are made of thin material that does not insulate from the cold outside. To warm up an outside door, adding curtains for extra insulation can help. Windows may need to be plastic wrapped to keep the cold out. 

For the cracks around doors and windows, homeowners can use weatherstripping techniques. Weatherstrips close the gaps where the window or door frame meets the wall to shut out any drafts or moisture from outdoors. There are also draft stoppers that one can pick up at a local hardware store. Drafts can make the temperature in the home seem super cold, but luckily it's usually an easy fix.    

Switch to ENERGY STAR Certified Windows window

Not all windows are the same. There are varying materials and thicknesses of glass that can impact how well the window insulates the home. Some windows can transfer the heat or cold from outside into the house. Switching to ENERGY STAR-certified windows can make a huge difference in how well the home maintains the desired temperature. 

ENERGY STAR certified products have been tested and proven to be more energy efficient than other similar products on the market. By looking at the ENERGY STAR certification, homeowners can see exactly how much energy savings they could have if they switched. Homeowners searching for energy-efficient heating solutions should consider updating their windows. 




Hire a Reputable Contractor to Work On Equipment 

Whenever hiring an HVAC contractor, homeowners should do their due diligence research to ensure that the technician is licensed, insured, and trained in the type of work being performed. 

Improper installation of heating and cooling units can be dangerous and lead to higher utility costs as the improperly installed unit struggles to keep up. Improper installation can also void the manufacturer's warranty on the unit. 

The technician's insurance protects both the tech and the homeowners. In case of an accident, the insurance will cover the damages. Experience can be very important when it comes to hiring a contractor. The more experience they have and the more training they have, the better they know how to service the heating and cooling system.  

About Chad's AC Direct 

Chad's AC Direct is a reputable local heating company in the Montgomery, AL area. Chad's AC Direct provides homeowners with top-of-the-line heating and AC services from experienced professionals. Give them a call today to schedule an appointment for a heating service.