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Common Tools Used By HVAC Professionals

Taking a Peek In An HVAC Technicians Toolbox

Many people are curious about what their HVAC technician does on a visit to their home, but they are too polite to intrude while the technician is working. Because of this, most of the work that AC contractors do is a mystery to homeowners. Local heating technicians are offering a look inside their toolbox to dispel some of the mystery. Here is a quick list of common tools they use to accomplish their work. 

Hand Toolstools

When an AC contractor shows up on the job, the first objective is to figure out what is going on. The toolbag is the first thing they'll reach for as they leave their truck. The toolbag is home to all necessary tools that an HVAC technician will use on every job. The common tools that are in an HVAC technician's tool bag are things like:
  • Flashlights to see inside dark closets and into panels of heaters and air conditioners
  • Screwdrivers to remove panels for diagnostic work
  • Multimeters to verify voltage on control boards and to troubleshoot switches
  • Pliers to grip wires and sheet metal
  • Wrenches to remove bolts

With these simple common tools, an HVAC technician can understand what is going wrong on a service call. They can also perform most of a maintenance tune-up with just these tools. 

gogglesSafety Devices

The safety devices that HVAC technicians use are pretty similar to any other tradesman. On any construction site, the hazards are faced by everyone. As a result, HVAC technicians always carry safety glasses and gloves. During an HVAC installation, technicians will often have to cut sheet metal used to form ducts. 

This can expose the technicians to sharp edges of the metal and metal splinters that could do a lot of damage if they found their way into an eye. Safety glasses and gloves are their first line of defense. 

AC contractors also routinely work with electricity when looking for problems on a service call. Most will choose to wear non-conductive "steel-toe" boots. This protects them in the unlikely event that they accidentally contact live electricity. Often they will also use voltage-rated rubber gloves to protect their hands. 

Specialized Tools For HVAC Work

Most tradesmen carry a tool bag and keep safety devices close at hand. However, the specialized equipment sets HVAC work apart from other trades. The specialized equipment allows them to do the work that untrained individuals can't do. Some of these devices are: 

  • Pressure Gauges: Pressure gauges verify that refrigerant is holding the correct pressure in an air conditioner or a heat pump. 
  • Vacuum Pump: Vacuum pumps allow refrigerants to be safely removed from air conditioners and heat pumps under maintenance. 
  • Leak Detectors: Leak Detectors find refrigerant and gas leaks after completing an installation or repair. 
  • Coil Fin Combs: Coil fin combs straighten out the delicate metal fins that act as heat sinks on the condenser and evaporator coils. The combs allow for maximum efficiency by allowing for the free flow of air. 

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