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How To Make Air Conditioning Last Longer

Dangerous Temperatures

It is not abnormal for Alabama to reach the mid-90s during summertime. Although it's a common occurrence, this doesn't make it safe. Without proper air conditioning, an entire household can suffer from heat exhaustion, dehydration, headaches, and more. To keep the AC unit lasting throughout the hottest months of the year, homeowners should first check the evaporator coils.

What Is an Evaporator Coil?

An evaporator coil is essential for central AC. Its main purpose is to absorb heat from the indoors. An air conditioning system will not provide enough cool air to sustain the desired temperature without a clean, well-maintained evaporator coil. 

The evaporator coil is typically found on the side of the furnace or inside the air handler. It works with the condenser coils to exchange heat. An evaporator coil removes hot air using refrigerant to absorb the heat rather than pumping cold air into the home.  

Frosty Coils

frostThe air conditioning system can completely shut down if the evaporator is dirty. This happens when dirt creates condensation on the coils. A frozen evaporator coil will prevent the heat exchange process so that even if the air conditioner is blowing air, it is no longer energy efficient. This leads to longer cycles and unnecessary wear and tear. 

Signs of a dirty coil can be felt as well as seen. If homeowners notice the AC is running but not producing enough cool air, this is likely due to an issue with the blower fan caused by the AC evaporator coils. 

Annual AC maintenance is recommended for all homeowners. A thorough air conditioning inspection will identify any problems with the AC coils, blower fan, or refrigerant.  

Long Lasting AC

hotA central AC unit typically lasts 10-15 years. Although it may still blow cool air once the unit reaches 15, this does not mean it's working properly. Homeowners are encouraged to maintain the evaporator coils, so there is enough cool air to keep the overall system affordable and effective. 

AC systems can be expensive to replace, especially if the home is a house; the larger the building, the more air conditioning is needed. Cleaning the unit is key to keeping air conditioners lasting for as long as possible.

The AC coils must be handled with care. A trained professional has the proper tools to prevent coil damage. Cleaning methods may vary depending on how dirty the coils are and the type of debris affecting them. 

Dirty evaporator coils are known to cause microbial growth. When this is circulated throughout the air conditioner, indoor air quality is contaminated. This negatively impacts both the unit and the household due to the buildup of bacteria. 

An evaporator coil cleaning takes less than an hour to complete, but most people choose to have the entire system inspected. Typical AC maintenance includes changing the air filters, cleaning both coils, lubricating specific components, and checking electrical wiring. 

Homeowners are advised to have an evaporator coil cleaned at least once yearly. This prevents the unit from working overtime due to refrigerant leaks or built-up debris. It can also save hundreds of dollars on needlessly high energy bills. 

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