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Get a Headstart on Heater System Maintenance

Early Maintenance Is Ideal Before Winter Starts 

Winter is fast approaching for the residents of Montgomery, Alabama. Soon, temperatures will dip into the 40s, and everyone will rely on the heater to keep them warm. However, more often than not, when a homeowner turns on the heater for the first time in months, they encounter a problem. And good luck trying to get a heater repair service when it’s freezing outside. 

That’s why it’s so important for homeowners to schedule heater maintenance visits sooner rather than later. With early scheduling, they have more options when selecting a time and date for service. They can also ensure that the heater works when they need it most. 

Heating Tune-Ups Promote Energy Efficiency 

saveThe Office of Renewable Energy notes that half of a home’s energy goes into its heating and cooling operations. So, homeowners want to ensure they get the most for their energy and money. By having a professional inspect the heater, one can rest assured that they’re using energy wisely. 

Other benefits of regularly maintaining the heating system include: 

  • Frozen pipe prevention. Keeping the home warm isn’t just about being comfortable; it’s about ensuring the pipes inside don’t freeze. Without a working heater, pipes could freeze and burst, leading to drywall damage and mold growth. 
  • Maintaining indoor humidity. A home needs a little bit of humidity indoors to keep residents comfortable. A working heater does just that, ensuring the air doesn’t feel too dry. 
  • Fewer breakdowns. Nobody wants to deal with a heating problem when it’s too cold to move. By getting an inspection, one can learn about issues beforehand, giving them more options. 

What Heater Maintenance Entails 


A heating service specialist will rely on their training and years of experience when inspecting a heater. More specifically, depending on the heater’s make and model, they will: 

  • Clean the condenser and evaporator coil 
  • Lubricating any motors or moving parts 
  • Verifying the reading on the thermostat is correct 
  • Seal any air duct punctures 
  • Checking the blower for any obstructions 

A technician may also replace the HVAC system’s air filter if it’s too dirty. EnergyStar notes that by changing these filters once every three months, homeowners can prevent overheating and maximize their heater’s efficiency. 

The Best Time to Schedule an Appointment Is Now 

Why is now the best time to schedule a heating maintenance visit? Well, with prompt scheduling, homeowners: 

  • Have more options when choosing a time and date for service 
  • Don’t have to wait weeks to get an appointment 
  • Stop underlying heating problems in their tracks 
  • Get servicing for other house-related matters, such as air duct cleaning 
  • Can prevent frozen pipes
  • Prevent electrical fires and other hazards that come from overheating 

Many heating services offer online scheduling where homeowners can make an appointment and request service. They could also call and speak with a live professional who can answer questions and provide further insight into a problem. 

About Chad’s AC Direct 

Looking for a reliable heating maintenance service in Montgomery, Alabama? Look no further than Chad’s AC Direct. These professionals offer heating maintenance inspections to homeowners looking to stay warm this coming winter. 

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