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Heating & Air Conditioning Decorations: Tips & Tricks For the Holidays

Decorating For the Holidays? Don’t Forget to Adorn the HVAC!

As the holiday season approaches, folks begin to bring out the holiday lights, plastic reindeer and elves from storage. Often forgotten, the HVAC system can actually be an opportunity to add to the festive decor, not an obstacle!

While that can sound like a bit of a stretch, with a bit of creativity and some thoughtful integration, it can be one of the highlights of your home’s winter look. Here are some tips on how to decorate your HVAC for the holidays.

Best Decorations For Outdoor HVAC Unit?

outdoor hvac unitThere are several ways to decorate outdoor HVAC units safely for the holidays. It is important that the decorations don’t affect the function, so the decorations need to be built up around the HVAC instead of directly on it.

Some fun ideas for decorations that can be built around the outdoor HVAC is a gingerbread house made out of cardboard or styrofoam. Arts and crafts could also be used to make the HVAC system into a chimney, that a cut-out or blow-up Santa Clause can climb out of. Simply placing a large decoration in front of the HVAC can also work to conceal it.

Some people have already built a wooden fence around their outdoor HVAC unit. If this is the case, the fence itself can be decorated with stickers, ornaments, and lights. A simple wreath can also be placed on the outdoor HVAC unit to give it a festive touch.

How to Safely Hide Your HVAC System Vents

HVAC system vents can be hidden away with Christmas and holiday decorations, as long as the airflow is not blocked! Blocking the airflow from the HVAC system vents can be very bad for it, so the decorations will need to be placed in front of and around the unit instead of directly on it.

hvac system vents

HVAC safety is very important when considering how to decorate for the holidays. Some garlands and string lights can work as decorations for an HVAC system because they will hide the HVAC system vents without totally obstructing airflow.

Window HVAC Units Need Love Too

window hvacWindow HVAC Units are a convenient option for heating that can be less expensive than other ventilation and heating solutions. Because they can be used to only heat one room simply by closing the door, it can be a more effective and lower-cost solution to heating for the wintertime.

Window HVAC units can be decorated for the holidays as well, but it is of course important not to block the airflow. Fairy lights can be added around the window HVAC to make it look super cute and festive.

A garland would also be a nice touch. Just like with the outdoor HVAC unit, the window HVAC unit can be covered up by placing something in front of it as well, as long as the airflow isn’t obstructed.

Chad’s AC Direct Wishes You Happy Holidays

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