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What is the Best Thermostat Temperature Setting for Each Season?

Ideal Thermostat Setting for Each Season

Most people organize their closets by season. Spring and summer mean it’s time to break out the short-shorts and bro-tanks, but when fall and winter hit, it’s back to sweater weather and turning up the heating system. Just like people change their wardrobe with the change of seasons, the thermostat settings should be changed too. Knowing the right temperature to use when the seasons change can help save money and keep the house more comfortable.

Thermostat Setting for Cold Months

This is where the US is heading now. Fall is here already, and the winter season will be here soon. As the weather starts to cool off, it’s actually best to keep the thermostat set a little cooler.

cold months

On average, the best indoor temperature during the cold months is 70°F. This temperature is plenty warm to keep pipes from freezing in the winter and cool enough to be comfortable wearing a sweater or other warm clothing indoors.

Thermostat Setting for Warm Months

warm monthsDuring the warmer months of spring and summer, indoor temperatures should be kept a little higher at 78°F. It might seem odd at first that the temperature should be higher for warmer months, but think about the clothes people wear during the different seasons.

Typically people wear long pants and sweaters or long sleeve shirts in the winter, so it makes sense that the temperature indoors would be cooler. While during the summer, it needs to be warm enough indoors to feel comfortable walking around with only a t-shirt and shorts.

Remember, these temperature suggestions for cold and warm months are an average temperature for households. Also keep in mind that people’s body temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, so the temperature may need to be adjusted slightly throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to test out different temperature variations and see what feels most comfortable!

Thermostat Setting for Empty House

These thermostat settings are the average settings mostly for homes that are left empty during the workday. So the most comfortable temperature might vary when people are home or asleep.

These temperature suggestions also help make a smooth transition to other temperatures when the house is filled with occupants (for example, during the holidays when the house is filled with 20 or more people) because they don’t require the house to work harder to change temperatures. They are within a regular room temperature scale, so any changes from these temperatures don’t feel very drastic.

empty house

If it is more comfortable to have your house cold, that’s perfectly fine too. Just remember, not to let the temperature go below 55°F when the house is empty for an extended period of time in the winter. The pipes might freeze!

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