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Celebrate Women's History Month By Learning About the Women Who Shaped HVAC

Women Pioneered Change In the World of Heating and Cooling

At one point in time, being an HVAC contractor was considered "man's work." The first women to work in the heating and cooling industry were considered groundbreaking pioneers in a male-dominated field. The times have changed, and today, there are women at the forefront of the HVAC industry, managing heating and cooling companies and enjoying various leadership positions. 

This March is Women's History Month. In honor of the women in the HVAC industry, HVAC experts take a look at a brief overview of women in the industry and some of the most notable female inventors.   

Modern Women In the HVAC Industry

Thanks to the advancement of technology and the new tools that are available to modern HVAC technicians, the career of HVAC contractor is more accessible to women than ever before. According to US labor statistics, women still only make up around three percent of the total workforce in the HVAC industry. 

Despite being small in numbers, the women in the HVAC industry have contributed greatly towards the innovations that make the industry what it is today. The inventions of female engineers completely revolutionized the way modern heating and cooling systems function. Alice H. Parker and Margaret Ingels are two of the most famous women in heating and cooling. Keep reading to learn more about their inspirational stories. 

Alice H. Walker Invented the First Gas Furnacealice

Alice H. Parker was an African American and female inventor who invented the first-ever gas furnace. She was living in New Jersey with her mother and faced with chopping wood to survive the harsh NJ winter; she decided to develop a better solution. She created a system that would use natural gas to generate heat for the home, circulating through ductwork. 

Her idea was patented in December of 1919, but unfortunately, she died shortly after, and her original design never came to fruition due to safety concerns. However, her design inspired generations of engineers after her to invent what we now know as a central heating system. Her design was groundbreaking for its use of gas and ductwork. 




Engineering Trailblazer Margaret Ingels

Margaret Ingels was a female inventor and engineer from the 1920s who had a special interest in air conditioning. To this day, Margaret Ingels is one of the most inspirational figures for women in the engineering industry. She was the second woman in America to become an engineer and the first woman to ever become a mechanical engineer. 

Shortly after graduating, she became interested in air quality control and began working on new systems for indoor temperature control. She decided to join the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers and studied air conditioning systems for six years, and implemented industry-changing innovations in how air conditioners are built.

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