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3 Common Signs That It's Time to Install a New AC

Reasons to Schedule New AC Installation 

It's early spring, and the weather is perfect. While a warm afternoon might require the AC to be turned on, likely it isn't constantly running as it will be soon. During the hot and humid summers, ACs work overtime to keep the home cool but eventually, it will be time to look into AC replacement. 

Deciding when to replace the AC can be a decision that is stressful to make for the homeowners. AC replacement is a big investment that requires careful planning since the new air conditioner will be in service in the home for decades. This article is a quick guide that can help homeowners understand when it is time to consider this big project. Understanding when the perfect time for AC replacement will be can give homeowners confidence when it comes time to make a decision. 

1. Follow Your Nose – And Earssmell

The first signs of any mechanical trouble are usually perceived through two senses: sound and smell. AC equipment is designed to run quietly and odor-free so when smells and sounds crop up, they are usually signs that something is wrong. Some smell to look out for that are indicators of trouble are: 
  • Musty Smells: Musty smells arise from dust build-up in the blower and ductwork of an air conditioner. When dust builds up it captures moisture and can allow mold to grow. A new AC can remove dangerous mold from air supplies and freshen up the air more effectively than an older unit. 
  • Gas Odors: Part of the AC is the furnace since both units use the same blower and ductwork. If gaseous odors are perceived it is a sign of a serious problem. Either natural gas leaks from furnace pipework or refrigerant leaks from an AC coil. 
  • Electrical Fire Odor: Older AC units are more susceptible to electrical problems. Electrical problems can result in overheating that can start fires or melt wire insulation. These odors are serious and should be dealt with quickly. 

Common sounds that show the mileage of an air conditioner can be:

  • Squealing
  • Grinding
  • Rattling
  • Whistling 
  • Hissing

bill2. Escalating Energy Bills

A new AC can bring welcome relief for homeowners that track their energy bills. The older an AC unit is, the less efficient it will be. Whether bills have slowly crept up over the last few years or if they jumped sharply last summer or at the beginning of this cooling season, a spike in energy usage is an obvious indicator that the AC is inefficient. 

A new energy-efficient AC is just what is needed. New AC models operate much more efficiently, saving the homeowner money. They likely will also keep the home more comfortable while keeping costs low. 

3. Other Signs

While high bills and mechanical problems are obvious signs, many more can be indicators that AC replacement is necessary. Repairs are cheaper than replacements, but it makes more sense to start over at some point. Keep an eye out for these indicators that problems are serious:

  • Age of 20 years or more
  • Increasing repair bills 
  • Hot and cold spots
  • Poor airflow around the home
  • High humidity
  • Low air quality

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