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Bad Heating and Cooling Habits to Break in the New Year

3 of the Most Common HVAC Mistakes to Avoid This Year

As a new year dawns, many homeowners find themselves with a whole list of things to do to get the year started right. They have lists for the plumbing system, the appliances, and the HVAC system. This can all be a bit overwhelming, as so many people give homeowners advice about what’s best to do. But the good news is that the HVAC system only requires three good habits to keep it running well all year long. On the flip side, these habits can be bad when ignored or performed improperly. Read on to find out what three things to do to maintain a healthy heating and cooling system. 

Failing to Replace Air Filterfilter

People who know HVAC techs are probably tired of hearing that they need to stay on top of changing their filters. But there’s a reason heating and cooling professionals keep harping on this habit: because it’s important. Not only does changing the air filter on time help the system function well, but it also helps those in the homestay healthy by keeping the air clean. 

The air filter should be changed more often for those with pets — once every one or two months. Those without pets can perform air filter replacement every three months unless directed otherwise by an HVAC professional. When air filters aren’t changed on time, they become choked with debris, making them thicker. This makes it harder for the system to move air through the filter, which can cause the system to work harder until the filter is replaced. 

ventShutting Air Vents

One commonly misunderstood habit is closing air vents around the house. Homeowners think this will save them money and efficiency by closing off unused rooms. However, this often has a detrimental effect on the balance of the HVAC system. Essentially, it causes the system to push more air through the open ducts to cool the whole house. It’s best to leave vents open instead of closing them. The HVAC components will benefit, and so will efficiency. 

Neglecting Maintenance

The third and final habit that drastically impacts the health of any HVAC system is maintenance. Like any complex system with moving parts that work year-round, the HVAC system needs care from professionals trained to care for them. Proper maintenance on the system will help prevent heater repair and AC repair. 

Heating and air conditioner maintenance mean an HVAC professional checks all system components. They check connections, lube moving parts, change filters, visually inspect the whole system, run diagnostics, and check the thermostat function, to name a few. Heater maintenance should be done at least once a year, preferably in the fall right before it sees a lot of use. AC maintenance should happen in the spring, just before the home uses the air conditioner. Sticking to this schedule can save homeowners money, prevent HVAC emergencies, and ensure max efficiency. 

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