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Air Duct Cleaning 101: A Back-to-School Guide for Better Health

Duct Cleaning Basics for a Cleaner Home

One common problem in homes with central air conditioning is air quality. Air quality is related to the amount and type of particles in the air, as well as the humidity present in the home. The problem with these systems is that they rarely have the opportunity to refresh the air in a home. The result is humid and dusty air constantly circulating the home, picking up more grime on the trip resulting in low indoor air quality.

One problem contributing to low-quality air in the home is the ductwork that conveys air in a central air conditioning system. As air gets dirty, dust cakes onto the interior of ductwork. This dust attracts more and more dust and starts a vicious cycle of dirty air caused by dirty ducts and dirty ducts caused by dirty air. Instead of falling victim to this nasty cycle, start with duct cleaning services. Here is a quick guide from local experts to orient homeowners to the concept of duct cleaning.

Signs That Duct Cleaning Is Needed

bad air smellAll of the air in a home is constantly recirculating around and around. With the possible exception of cracking a window in the spring or fall, the same air is in the house all the time, slowly getting dirtier and dirtier. This can lead to ductwork showing signs that it needs to be cleaned. Some of the signs that duct cleaning is a good idea are:

  • Weak airflow around the home
  • Inconsistent cooling
  • High humidity
  • Higher power bills
  • Musty odors in the home
  • Chronic health problems, especially lung problems like sinus infections and allergies

Reasons to Get Air Duct Cleaning Services

duct cleaning benefitsReversing the problems caused by low-quality indoor air is as simple as scheduling a duct cleaning visit from a local specialist. Once ducts are cleaned, homeowners can notice benefits like:

  • Increased comfort
  • Savings on cooling bills
  • Improvement of allergy symptoms
  • Fewer problems with mold, especially in humid environments like bathrooms
  • The disappearance of stubborn musty smells

Most duct cleaning visits are short, and the process is only recommended every few years, making this an obvious choice for air quality improvements.

Ways to Keep Air Ducts Clean

Ductwork will always eventually get dirty, but most homeowners want to know how to keep their ducts clean in between duct cleaning visits every few years. Conveniently, the best way to protect ductwork is the same as protecting air conditioning equipment, and that starts with high-quality air filters and frequent air filter changes. In a new home, homeowners should take time to try different styles of air filters to find the one that meets their needs. Then, they should remember to change them at least every three months.

A few other things that homeowners can do to protect their ductwork and AC equipment include:

  • Keeping the house cleaner
  • Dusting a few times a week
  • Washing bedding and curtains regularly
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping and washing rugs and doormats

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