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National Air Conditioning Day - July 17


Did you know that there’s a National Air Conditioning Day? Admittedly, we didn’t know this until recently but are certainly glad to know that there’s such a day. National Air Conditioning Day is July 17, a day dedicated to celebrating this great invention and commemorating Willis Carrier’s 1902 development of the Apparatus for Treating Air.

His concept gradually developed into the modern air conditioning units that have become a staple in American homes and that have a significant impact on millions of American’s quality of life. While this day is certainly great and we’ll mark it on our calendar, many of us would agree that the real air conditioning appreciation day is any hot day when your AC goes out.

It only takes a few hours without air conditioning on a 90-degree day to know how valuable it is and to appreciate the many benefits of this great technology. In honor of National Air Conditioning Day, today we’re going to share some tips about air conditioner maintenance, cleaning, and replacement.

Keep an AC Maintenance Routine

airconditioningmaintenanceAs we alluded to above, there’s nothing worse than your air conditioning going out on one of the hottest days of the year. This can be incredibly time-consuming, expensive and uncomfortable.

Rather than waiting for major issues, it’s always a good idea to do periodic maintenance on your unit. Not only can this avoid future headaches, but it also helps to ensure that your system is working efficiently and effectively.

At a minimum, your air conditioner should be inspected, cleaned and serviced once a year. If this is not already part of your annual routine, make sure to add it to your checklist today.

Air Conditioner Replacement

The unfortunate reality is that after a certain amount of time or damage, your air conditioner is going to need to be replaced. AC units generally last anywhere from 12-15 years, and you usually can tell when it’s time for your unit to be replaced. Some signs that you might need to replace your unit include:

  • acreplacementIt’s more than 15 years old.
  • It’s not working well or efficiently.
  • It needs expensive repairs.
  • It breaks down regularly.
  • Your home is not cool.

If you believe that it’s time to replace your unit, it’s best to schedule an inspection as soon as possible before additional problems develop.

Don’t Forget about Duct Cleaning

ductcleaningWhile it’s often overlooked, duct cleaning is as important as any other air conditioning maintenance task. Regularly cleaning your ducts can help improve your air quality, reduce allergens and irritants in your home, increase the efficiency of your unit and help to remove unpleasant smells.

While duct cleaning is important for everyone, it’s especially important if you have family members with respiratory issues or allergies, lots of pets or if you’ve recently remodeled or done construction in your home. As a general rule, your ducts should be thoroughly cleaned every 3 to 5 years.

This summer - and especially this July 17 - make sure that you appreciate your air conditioner. Also, take a moment to share this post on social media as a shoutout to any HVAC technicians you know and as a way to help your friends both appreciate and properly maintain their air conditioner.