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Your Comprehensive Guide to Making the Most of Your HVAC for a Better Sleep


When you wake up from a good night's sleep, it can be the key to unlocking a happy and productive day. But for some people, including those in Montgomery, AL, finding peaceful slumber can be a monumental task. Temperatures in this region are simply too hot at times to comfortably sleep. Good thing there are a few tips and tricks you can use to help you sleep soundly on any given night.

It's possible to use a home's heating and air conditioning system to prepare your body for sleep. By making adjustments to the environment in your home, you can promote healthy sleeping patterns. Here's a guide to making the most of your HVAC system to achieve better sleep.

Make Everything Chill

Best TemperatureEvery day, while your body prepares to undergo a sleep cycle, a natural cooling mechanism is triggered, which helps you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Lowering the temperature in your home can further enhance the effects of this. Studies have shown that the ideal temperature for achieving sleep falls between 60 and 67 degrees.

It's beneficial, therefore, to program your thermostat to change to these levels shortly before your bedtime. By the time you're ready to sleep, conditions will be perfect. Decreasing the temperature should encourage you to fall asleep more quickly and could even save you money during the winter months. On hotter nights, however, unless you have a zone-control air conditioner, it might be best to use a fan.

Keep an Eye on the Humidity


Humidity levels, whether low or high, can impact the way one sleeps. Low humidity can dry out the nose and throat, which can be uncomfortable.

High humidity can result in stuffy air that's difficult to breathe. Humidity levels that fall between 40-50% are fantastic for sleeping.

If you wish to achieve such ideal conditions, you can do so by purchasing an inexpensive hygrometer; a device used to detect humidity levels.

Once you've measured the humidity in your home, you can use a humidifier or dehumidifier to achieve the optimal levels.

Efficiency of Fans

FanIt may be tempting, but if you're interested in keeping energy costs to a minimum, it's not recommended homeowners use air conditioning to cool down their homes on scorching summer nights.

Fans consume far less energy and can cool the body if used correctly. They also function to circulate the air, which makes breathing more comfortable. As well, fans can create white noise and help you drift into sleep.

Any homeowner who tosses and turns at night can try one of these tricks to help them get a solid night's rest. Sleep is vital to a person's health and happiness. It also doesn't hurt that some of these methods could save you money. The only requirement is a basic understanding of your HVAC system. Feel revitalized every morning by making the most of your heating and cooling appliances.