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Here’s a Practical Homebuyer’s Checklist Before You Sign

New Homeowners


It’s almost time to buy your new home, but before you do, it’s important that you take the extra precautions needed to ensure it’s the right property for you and your family.

Reviewing the home now and checking its structure can help you to save thousands of dollars on maintenance in the future. To guide you as you review your prospective new home, we’re offering a checklist in this latest post.

Check the Home’s Insulation

Home InsulationEnergy efficiency should be a leading consideration when analyzing potential property. Make sure that the home has the optimal equipment to help you save on energy costs over the coming years.

The first step in this process is to check the home’s insulation. Makes sure the insulation has been updated recently and as in the optimal condition to ensure lasting energy efficiency.

Even the smallest of holes in the insulation may cause home heating and cooling bills to raise hundreds of dollars a year. So, speak with the homeowner about the property’s insulation and find out more on their home energy bills.

Review the Switches in the Home

Air ConditionerFinding a problem with the home’s electrical system can be difficult if you don’t have experience in the field, but you might be able to learn more by flicking the switches in the property during open house events.

Ask the homeowner if they’ve experienced any electrical issues in recent years, and ensure that any switches that don’t seem to operate as intended are noted and brought to the attention of an expert.

Check the AC and heating system as well, you certainly don't want a home to have unexpected expensive HVAC related issues.

Book a Home Inspection

Home Inspection A qualified home inspector will be an invaluable resource to help you decide on the potential value of the property. They can run through the home looking at all the major elements to determine where structural problems exist.

They’ll look at major elements such as the home’s heating systems and the roof to ensure they’re in the ideal condition. Plumbers will also use their experience to compare the property with homes in the area to determine its unique value.

Inspectors can then provide you with a full report on their findings. Giving you the basis for making a more effective purchase choice. A proper inspection offers peace of mind and may end up saving you a pile of money over the long-term.