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Combat Climate Change This International Day of Peace

Climate change

Saturday, September 21st marks International Day of Peace. Around the world, people will celebrate by inspiring others to set aside their differences and participate in activities that promote world peace. All around the globe, activists will be encouraging everyone to let go of prior hostilities and issues and work towards a more peaceful union on this planet. Each year a theme is chosen as a focus point- something to work on to better our existence. The #peaceday theme for 2019 is Climate Change.

Here are some ideas to help combat climate change in your community, to help the world feel as comfortable as you do with the AC on in your home!

Climate Change Affects Our Global Neighbors

social effectsWhile combatting climate change may seem like an environmental issue, it actually could have major social impacts as well. Take, for instance, communities living on islands vulnerable to rising sea levels. As sea levels continue to rise, the populations of small islands will be forced to relocate for their own safety, as their current home will become uninhabitable; entire populations displaced and forced to relocate.

Global warming is another factor that could cause societal problems, as temperatures continually rise. If changes aren’t made to help combat climate change, millions and millions of people will feel the negative impact!

Small Steps to Take

You can do your part by making a few small changes in your home, or getting outside and making a difference! Installing energy-efficient heating and cooling in your home, or getting involved with a volunteer program such as Montgomery Trees are great ways to make a difference, and help the global initiative of combatting climate change. If everyone makes these small changes, the benefits would ultimately be felt worldwide, and are great ideas for joining the cause this #peaceday.

Programmable Thermostats Save Energyprogrammable thermostats save energy

A programmable thermostat is a great way to save energy, and save you some money! A study done in 2009 found that nearly 90% of American homes have air conditioning systems; the running of these systems is responsible for the emission of about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. Having an HVAC professional install a programmable thermostat that can allow usage to be monitored, regulated, and changed, instead of having the system blasting all day, saves on energy usage and these emissions. Want an added bonus to doing your part to combat climate change? Homeowners have seen savings of up to 30% on their heating and cooling bills by using these upgraded systems.

Plant a Tree!

plant a tree A fun way to get the whole family involved in combatting climate change and celebrate International Day of Peace is to get outside and plant a tree. Even if you do not have space in your yard to do so, you can volunteer with a program like Montgomery Trees to get out and plant! Trees help absorb potentially harmful carbon dioxide. The more trees, the more of this gas that will be absorbed, dramatically increasing air quality!

You Can Make a Difference

The fact of the matter is that these things can, and need to be done daily, not just on International Peace Day because only continued change and growth are going to aid in combatting climate change. Every little thing counts, so consider carpooling or riding a bicycle when it’s an option for you!

Explore other ways to conserve energy in your home, and implement these practices to help keep our world in good shape. Every little bit helps, and the changes you make - no matter how big or small - help achieve the main objective: combatting climate change and improving the world we live in!