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Skip the Summer Line, Book Your AC Tune-Up Now!

Beat the Summer Rush, Get Your ACs Tuned Up in the Spring

Spring is the best time to pay extra attention to a home’s air conditioning system. This shoulder season, when it’s neither too hot nor too cold, means HVAC systems get a bit of a rest before gearing up for another full season of cooling entire homes in the summer. Since HVACs aren’t needed as much, this is the ideal time to have it checked so that the system doesn’t need to be shut down during maintenance exactly when needed. The air conditioner could also use an inspection. After months of no use, the prudent homeowner might want to know ahead of time if the AC unit is still working or if it needs professional attention. 

No Hassle Service Scheduling

schedulingSpring is also when most HVAC technicians find their calendars clearing up a bit. With a decrease in the use of both heaters and air conditioners, homeowners will find it easier to schedule a visit with their trusted HVAC contractor. By taking time to call for air conditioner maintenance in the spring, homeowners stay one step ahead of those waiting until their ACs break down in the summer. For those who would rather skip the line, spring is the perfect opportunity to do AC maintenance.

Prep Your AC For Peak Performance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This adage holds for many things, and air conditioners are no exception. Engaging in preventive maintenance keeps ACs performing at their best, allowing them to cruise through the scorching summer months with little or no issue and providing residents the cooling comfort they need at the peak of summer heat. 

Maintenance visits also allow technicians to catch problems early before they develop into a much bigger, more serious issue that may put the air conditioner out of commission for an extended period, leaving homeowners to deal with the miserable heat. Not only does preventive maintenance prevent serious problems, but it also keeps homeowners from dealing with expensive repairs or replacement parts that come with neglect. Another welcome side effect of these routine checkups is that it improves the unit’s energy efficiency, positively lowering energy bills.

Invest in AC Longevity

acScheduling annual AC maintenance in the spring also improves the life expectancy of air conditioners. Getting tune-ups once a year at just the right moment helps make them more reliable, less prone to breakdowns and require fewer emergency repairs. This is especially important because air conditioning systems are complex and expensive. Failing to keep it in good shape could cost homeowners more repairs or replacements than they would have spent if they had just forked over the annual maintenance fees. With proper care, ACs can last from 10 to 15 years; if homeowners are willing, it is surely a worthwhile investment in longevity.

About Chad’s AC Direct

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