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Make Sure the Temperature is Just Right for Valentine's Day Plans

Optimize the Home's Efficiency for Greater Comfort

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to show loved ones that they are cared about. That love may take the form of flowers or a night out on the town, but some other things need some TLC, too. 

Beating the crowds on Valentine's Day by staying in for the evening is a fine choice, but the temperature has to be perfect to set the mood. If the house has yet to get the attention it needs, it won't make a romantic venue. This year, make sure the home is ready for a relaxing night by taking advice from local heating experts. Following these tips not only ensures that Valentine's Day will be cozy, but it can also save money and headaches. Here are local experts' tips to stay warm for the holiday. 

Stop Drafts From Ruining Efficiency 

strippingTo stay warm, a home has to keep cold air outside. Unfortunately, over time a home will develop drafts that allow the free exchange of air across the home's walls. Drafts rob a home of efficiency, raising utility bills and causing the heater to work harder. All that harder work puts extra stress on the heater, which can cause major problems down the road, requiring numerous repairs, not to mention compromising comfort.  

Luckily, repairing drafts is pretty easy. Look for drafts around windows and doors. As a house settles, window and door frames can start to sag, allowing air to flow in. Using cheap and easy-to-install weatherstripping is the best choice for DIY draft repair. In some cases, caulking around windows indoors and outdoors can stop any draft that weatherstripping may miss. 

Upgrade to Energy Star Windows 

windowOnce windows are sealed with weatherstripping and caulk, their true efficiency will be revealed. Windows are one of the largest sources of lost heat in the entire home, and even when low-quality windows are sealed, they still feel drafty from cold air transferring inside. 

To stop the energy drain and pockets of cold air near windows, upgrade the windows to Energy Star windows. Installing new windows stops the constant waste of heat leaking out through the insulated glass. Although windows cost more upfront, they will continue to provide reliable service for decades, saving money through efficiency. Once rebates and energy savings are factored in, new windows are an obvious choice for big savings and better comfort. 

Hire Reputable HVAC Technicians 

Heating equipment is expensive to install and also costs a lot to operate. When it comes to Valentine's gifts, massages and spa days are popular. Why not schedule a spa day for the heater with a visit from an HVAC technician? Hiring reputable heating contractors allows these experts to maintain equipment leading to benefits like: 

  • Increased longevity
  • Better reliability
  • Lower bills
  • More comfort

Find the right package for the heater today and make sure the heater is ready to set the right mood this Valentine's Day. 

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