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Don't Forget to Add Coils to the Spring Cleaning List

Improve Air Conditioning Systems by Cleaning Dirty Coils

Not many homeowners know that an evaporator coil cleaning is necessary and a part of annual AC maintenance. When coils are dirty, they can cause severe cooling system issues.

Various things can happen when a homeowner does not schedule a compressor coil cleaning at least four times a year, including rust, worsening coil problems, and a higher electric bill. It is easier to focus on AC coil cleaning to save the headache.

Check on Evaporator Coils


There is a lot to consider regarding AC coil cleaning, including checking the evaporator coils. The first step is to start inside of a home. Although it is a good and safe bet to call a professional air conditioning coil cleaner, homeowners can lightly clean the coils with a light solution.

With time, just like AC air filters, evaporator coils inside the home collect debris like dust and dander. Not only do these particles cause allergic reactions, but when the coils are too dirty, the system overheats and has trouble cooling the house down. This is especially true when the dust also collects on the fins of the indoor evaporator. 

Using a microfiber towel at least once a week during cleaning, homeowners should wipe off the dust on the AC coils.

Clean the Outdoor Condenser/Compressor Coils

coilThe inside is not the only area that collects dust, debris, and dander. It is just as important to clean the outdoor condenser and compressor coils. These get even dirtier than those inside because they are left to mother nature.

This is especially true because condenser coils are exposed, which means seasonal storms and animals can affect the cleanliness of the coils. To clean these coils, homeowners should choose a light and non-breezy day. The dirt and debris do not kick back up into the system.

Using a specific coil cleaning brush can take care of the collecting debris and dander in the compressor coils. After using the brush, spray a coil cleaning solution and scrub again. Afterward, homeowners can spray away the debris leaving their condenser and compressor shiny and clean with a high-pressure hose.

Proper Cleaning and Frequent Maintenance

Coil maintenance and coil cleaning are important parts of annual maintenance that homeowners often forget. Since coils are small and mostly unseen, it is easy to forget about them. This does not mean that coil maintenance is not important.

When coils are too dirty, they can stop a system from working as the dirt and debris trapped on the coils and in the flaps prevent air from blowing out and coming in. Sometimes, this causes the AC system to work harder to cool a home, leading to an increase in utility bills.

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