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Are Those Goosebumps, or Is Your Heater Just Broken?

Does Your Home Need Heater Repair Services?

A good old-fashioned scary movie in time for Halloween may give homeowners goosebumps and send chills down their spine, but that should be the only thing giving them shivers this Halloween. A broken heater shouldn’t be one of them, especially as we enter the fall and winter seasons. If the cold is invading the home, and one is wondering if the heater is still up for another brutal winter or if it’s time to call in professional heater repair, then here are some signs to look out for to make this crucial decision.

Your Home Doesn’t Get Warm Enough

Most heaters are designed to work with a thermostat, allowing homeowners to set the temperature to which they would like their homes to be heated. When that temperature is reached, the heater can shut off automatically to keep the space warm without overheating it. There are some instances, however, when homeowners notice that their heaters have been running for a while, yet their homes don’t seem to be getting any warmer. The heaters continue under the strain of reaching a set temperature and not making any progress. 

This is certainly a sign of a heating system that is broken and in need of professional heating repair. Heaters that aren’t heating their assigned spaces and are allowed to keep running for long periods are subject to additional stress that could exacerbate the problem it is already experiencing. This is why getting a broken heater repaired as soon as possible is important so that the problem doesn’t worsen.

Odd Noises

soundsAny machine, appliance, or equipment, whether for residential or commercial use, hums along to its own mechanical or electrical sound, and heaters are no exception. Homeowners know these sounds instinctively and are often alerted to problems with their appliances because of subtle yet recognizable changes in their sound. These “problem” sounds often present themselves as clanging, rumbling, and even clicking noises, each specific to a problem it is experiencing. A clanging sound, for example, usually indicates a problem with the fan belt, while a rumbling noise could be a sign of an overheating boiler. Clicking noises, if heard on a natural gas heater, could indicate a more serious problem involving the heat exchanger. In this instance, it would be wise to call a professional to conduct immediate heating system repair to nip the problem in the bud.

Higher Than Normal Energy Bills

electric billMost common signs that a heater is broken often occur in real-time. They are the noises one hears, the lack of warmth they feel - all happening at the present moment. One indicator, however, presents itself as a delayed symptom of a heating problem, and it comes in the form of a surging energy bill. 

Heaters under the stress of a heating problem tend to use up more energy than they are intended to and subsequently lose their efficiency, resulting in a higher energy bill than normal. Taken with other signs of a problematic heater, high energy bills should be enough to prompt homeowners to schedule immediate heating repair.

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