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All You Need To Know About Air Duct Cleanings

The Benefits of an Air Duct Cleaning

Now more than ever, one must pay attention to the air within their home. As temperatures transition from extreme cold to hot, people need to be confident in their homes’ ability to heat, cool, and circulate clean air. 

But the more time one spends inside, the more hair, dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris get caught in their air ducts. This can lower air quality inside the home, increase energy costs, and even attract mold or rodents. Here is how to get those air ducts clean and keep them that way. 

How To Know When Air Ducts Need a Scrub


It can be difficult to tell when air ducts need professional help. If there is a large quantity of dust and dirt in the home even after cleaning, or if energy bills are suddenly higher for no apparent reason, it might be time to check the air ducts for: 

  • Mold
  • A buildup of dirt or debris
  • Signs of rodents or bugs 

If any of these signs are present, a certified technician will need to clean and potentially replace all components of the HVAC system. 

clean duct Why Clean Your Air Ducts?

The number one reason why air ducts need to be professionally cleaned is to improve air quality in the home. People create dust, dander, and hair that gets stuck in the air vents. And that amount is likely to triple if an animal is also in the home. Dirty air ducts can harbor these contaminants and cause serious problems for those with allergies or respiratory conditions. 

A clean HVAC system can also save energy and money. Even a thin layer of debris can lead to a significant decrease in the system’s efficiency. As with most systems in the home, regular cleaning can result in a longer lifespan for the system and lower energy costs. 

What Can You Do? 

After air ducts are cleaned by a professional, there are several ways a homeowner can slow future buildup. 

  1. Clean the home regularly: A simple dusting and vacuum can go a long way toward preventing dirty air ducts. Removing pet hair, dust, and pollen from surfaces throughout the home can keep buildup away for longer. 
  2. Replace air filters: Another way to keep air ducts clean is by replacing the filter on time. Depending on the activity in the home, this is typically done every one to three months. 
  3. Keep vents open: When vents are closed, air ducts can accumulate more dirt faster. Keeping them open and free of obstructions can help clean air circulate for longer. 
  4. Invest in an air purifier: Placing an air purifier in the home circulates air through another filter to help remove even more pollutants. However, their filters do need to be changed often, and not all air purifiers are the same, so choosing the right one can be a challenge. 


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