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A Thanksgiving Tribute to Montgomery's HVAC Specialists

The Importance of Heating and Cooling Services 

In the mind of Montgomery, Alabama’s inhabitants, when they imagine hometown heroes, they imagine firefighters and policemen. Rarely do they pause to consider AC repair professionals who keep the town going. While their work may not involve life-threatening situations, they do their part in keeping the community happy and healthy. 

Below are just some of the services that homeowners have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving: 

They Keep Homes Warm in the Winter 

heater service A properly functioning heater in the colder months is not merely a luxury but a fundamental requirement for comfort, well-being, and safety. As temperatures fall, the need for experienced, skilled heating technicians skyrockets. That’s because they offer heating services designed to: 

  • Enhance comfort: A functioning heater creates a warm and inviting indoor atmosphere, allowing homeowners to remain comfortable throughout winter. 
  • Promote health and safety: Adequate heating is essential for maintaining good health, especially for those who are more vulnerable, such as children, seniors, and individuals with compromised immune systems. Heaters are vital in preventing the spread of common winter illnesses, such as the flu and Covid-19. 
  • Protect property: Pipes that freeze because of poor heating can burst, leading to gallons of water waste and damage. Proper heating insulates the home and safeguards against water freezing within the plumbing system. 

The importance of annual heating services cannot be overstated. A homeowner can have peace of mind knowing they’re safe from most HVAC inconveniences by having a professional check out the heating and cooling system once a year. 

They Keep Homes Cool in the Summer 

ac service Nobody wants their AC to quit during the summer. This can create unpleasant indoor conditions that make it difficult to remain comfortable, spend time with family, and be productive. That’s another reason why community members should thank their local HVAC technicians. 

When they come to a job site to inspect an AC system, they: 

  • Ensure that air filters don’t need replacing 
  • Repair any refrigerant leaks (and measure the refrigerant’s levels) 
  • Clean the condenser and evaporator coils 
  • Check for holes in the air duct system 
  • Recommend replacing outdated appliances when necessary 

An HVAC technician can also share any simple tips to keep the HVAC system from breaking down again. For instance, they may recommend a specific air filter for households with pets. They may also schedule a follow-up appointment to check back in on how a system is operating. 

They Promote Good Indoor Air Quality 

Indoor air quality (also known as “IAQ”) refers to the quality of the air within a building or another enclosed space. Air conditioning service professionals may do the following to improve one’s IAQ: 

  • Clean the home’s air ducts and vents
  • Recommend installing ceiling fans to move around stagnant air 
  • Weatherstripping gaps in the windows and doors 
  • Install a dehumidifier to prevent mold growth
  • Remove any already-existing mold and mildew growth 

About Chad’s AC Direct 

Red carpet service. Same-day appointments. Years of service. That’s what residents of Montgomery, AL, have come to expect from the professionals at Chad’s AC Direct. These licensed and bonded repair wizards stand ready to help homeowners prepare their HVACs for winter. One can call today for a heating service!

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