Consider Using UV Lights for Cleaner Air in Your Home

If there are people with breathing issues living in your home, or if you want to keep your HVAC unit relatively free of mold, consider installing UV lights for cleaner air.

Studies have shown that ultraviolet light is capable of killing bacteria and mold. Chad’s AC Direct recommends installing UV lights in specific places in your AC system as a method of reducing mold spores before they have a chance to circulate throughout your home.

We suggest that an experienced AC technician place an ultraviolet light unit at least in the air conditioning return or near the indoor coil. Installing an additional UV unit every 24 feet in the AC supply duct makes an even greater impact on keeping indoor air clean.

In humid Alabama, where moisture builds up on evaporator coils, installing UV lights in the HVAC system is particularly effective. People who are prone to allergies or who have severe respiratory problems will notice a difference in air quality in their home soon after installation.

After the initial installation, the only expense of UV lights in your HVAC system is the cost of bulb replacement once a year or so.

Installing ultraviolet lights in your HVAC system is just one way to keep indoor air clean. It’s also important to perform routine maintenance at least twice a year to make certain your system operates efficiently, change or clean filters monthly, and clean the coils annually.

We have fitted UV lights for customers in humid Alabama communities like Montgomery, Slapout, Millbrook, Shorter, Marbury, Prattville, Hope Hull, Tallassee, Pike Road and Wetumpka.

Call Chad’s AC Direct today to get UV lights for cleaner air installed in your home. We’ll inspect your unit, recommend the type of UV light that will work best for you, and install it, all in one service call. Our number is 334-651-0582.