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Loud Noises In The House May Point To AC Issues

Signs That The Air Conditioning System Needs Repairs

During the hot summer, the air conditioning system may be the only reprieve from the scorching heat and unbearable humidity. Until that point, the thought of having the AC inspected and optimized may never have crossed the mind.

When that happens, the air conditioner may give some telltale signs pointing to a repair soon. Hopefully, the signs will show themselves long before the unit breaks down.

AC Blowing Warm Air

thermostatThe surest sign that there may be a broken air conditioner is when the cool air that is supposed to be blowing out of the vents turns to warm air. Worse yet, it turns to hot air and only succeeds in blowing around the already hot air in the room. Before calling an AC expert, there are a few simple things to check.

  • Thermostat – Check to see if the thermostat has been turned down or off. The other family members may have gotten cold and adjusted the settings without letting anyone else know.
  • Filter – If the filters have not been cleaned or changed out at least once a year, it may be a good idea. It may be as easy as that to get cool air back.

If those two objects are in good shape, and the thermostat is turned to the proper temperature, continued warm air means something else is wrong. A bad compressor, blockages, or even a broken air conditioner may be the culprit. At this point, it is highly suggested that professional AC services are called in to take over.

Insufficient Airflow From the AC

Another sure sign that there may be an issue with the air conditioning unit is insufficient airflow. If one room is like a day at the slopes, while another is more like a nice shady spot under a tree, an issue of uneven cooling is present.

This does not usually mean a broken AC unit but rather a blockage between the AC unit and the vents throughout the home. A professional will need to be called in to complete a deep clean to remove any issues that may be present deep within the vents.

Unusual Noises May Indicate A Broken AC Unit

soundsIf some unusually loud sounds come from the AC unit or vents, it is a good indication that something may be wrong. Nothing that will need the homeowner to call the GhostBusters, but a professional AC specialist will need to be rang.

Grinding, screeching, banding, and humming are not signs of ghosts, but they do point to a problem that will need to be addressed by calling a professional AC specialist. 

The Ac unit is an integral part of comfortable living and should be included in the spring and fall inspection lists. An AC expert can complete the check within a short time, saving homeowners from having a longer, more expensive visit later on during the hotter months of the year.

About Chad’s AC Direct

The AC specialists at Chad’s AC Direct in Montgomery, Alabama offer a professional visit that will include personalized service for the exact issues. Their expert staff has the tools and expertise to handle any issue and always arrives on time. With upfront pricing and honest advice, homeowners can rest assured they’ll have stress-free HVAC service.