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Easy Ways To Keep Cool on These Hot Summer Nights

Three Ways To Keep Cool Without Breaking the Bank This Summer 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that Alabama is getting drier––increasing the number of blistering days and dollars spent on cooling costs. This summer, homeowners may wonder how they can keep cool and save money simultaneously. 

Some of these considerations include: 

Turning the Air Conditioning to 78 Degrees Fahrenheit 

Many homeowners keep their thermostat set at 72 degrees. However, every degree above 72 degrees saves homeowners three percent on cooling costs. So, if one has their thermostat set at 78 degrees, they could save 15 percent on their utility bill. 

Here are some other things to consider while having the home set at 78 degrees: 

  • Having fans strategically placed throughout the home can increase circulation, making the house feel cooler than it is
  • When paired with a dehumidifier, a home at 78 degrees will not produce mold and mildew
  • By opening windows at night, one can draw cool air into their home without having to turn the AC system on

Installing a Programmable Thermostat thermostat

Many homeowners are installing "smart" thermostats in their homes. These devices give residents 100 percent control over their home's indoor air quality. Programmable thermostats allow homeowners to control their residence's temperatures using their smartphones. These apps allow them to: 
  • Schedule when the AC system should turn on and off 
  • Remotely control how hot or cold the home is 
  • See how much money they should spend each month on their electric bill 
  • Learn how they can save money on their utility bills 

Many big-name companies, such as Nest and Honeywell, have smart thermostats on today's market. They generally cost less than $100, and homeowners can install them without an expert's help. Of course, one can always count on an expert for help with installation. 

Homeowners Should Consider These Factors When Getting a Smart Thermostat 

When looking to purchase a smart home thermostat, they should first consider: 

  • How powerful their home's Wi-Fi signal is 
  • How hot or cold they want their home to be 
  • Their budget 
  • Whether they want motion detection features 

CNET, a technology media outlet, has more information on what homeowners should consider when purchasing a new programmable thermostat. 

Changing the Air Filter Every Few Months filter

EnergyStar notes that one should change their AC's air filter once every three months. But why? Well: 
  • Air filters allow the AC unit to "breathe." They prevent certain particles, such as dander and dirt, from entering the home's vents. This reduces the likelihood of respiratory problems, mold growth, and AC problems. 
  • Air filters aren't one-size-fits-all deals. Air filters come in different shapes and sizes. One should measure their AC unit's dimensions before heading out to the hardware store and blindly purchasing one. 
  • Some homeowners may need to change their air filters more often than every three months if they have pets. Dog and cat hair can clog up the AC system and impair the home's indoor air quality. 

A new, crisp air filter also ensures that the AC system works efficiently––and not more than it should. 

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